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Markee Ledge to release debut album “Elevate”


The struggle…


Loefah’s “Root” / “The Goat Stare” was released 10 years ago today.


Chew opens its business to the public

Chew has opened its business to the public. Want to buy shares in Chew?
Find out how here:


Review: Lurka – Ritual Dingers / Choke [HOTLINE010]


My copies of medi090 and imrv015 arrived at the same time today. Big plates!




Free Downloads from EshOne


cop’d 001 off redeye yesterday. EZ buy.


Is it Tru that Datsik is siker than trusik or is that not the truthsik?

Always wondered about dat


Any festive freebie roundups or so, new thread maybe? Wana check out that Esh One & District folder giveaways in abit


Thanks for the support @Databoi :facepunch:


Infernal Sounds covered it pretty well with this post on their FB page:


Tunnidge - Mobius Strip LP
Released: February 12th

A1. Golden Bough
A2. Amygadala
A3. Hold Tight
A4. Shaman
A5. Avalon
A6. Hermetica
B1. Eyes Of Fear
B2. One World
B3. Stone Circle
B4. My Family


6 tunes on a side :frowning:


Strictly home listening vibez


i always where a skullcap at home for headphones. its how others know im a music hed but also kit/function-oriented.


Not feeling this at all


Wasn’t sure on this, but skipping through the first few tunes I feel convinced to cop. Peak on the 6 tunes a side thing though