On Music


Space, pace and bass, brother. It’s the dubstep way. It’s unfortunate that when that word is spoken, for many people it conjures up audio files of aggressive growl bass and cheesy acapellas, all re-pitched. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the dub-meets-garage sound like the name implies. Give me a deep sub-bass sine wave, just a hint of saturation. Check. Give me a shuffly groove to get my head nodding. Somewhere around one-forty. Nice. Give me some dubbed-out one-shots, little snippets delayed and reverberating around my head. Now I’ve left Earth and exist in a place where only meditation combined with air manipulation exists. Bliss.

It takes many kinds to make the world go round. House, drum and bass, techno, garage. I’m sure there’s others. They all merge and where that place in the middle bubbles, we call that the electronic zeitgeist. Those Germans have a word for everything.
People will never stop making music, will they? Even before recorded music, I’m sure they were banging rocks together so the girls could get their groove on. I imagine when the didgeridoo was invented, it was mind-blowing. Yo, check out what I did with this tree trunk. That’s what we call music technology. Nowadays, it’s all about the software and the men blowing into a hollow log are Germans at a computer screen, smashing out elegant, well-written, object-oriented code. It’s the same principle: using mankind’s superior intellect to discover new and exciting ways for girls to get their groove on. It’s human instinct.

To bring this music into existence is another human instinct. To take this interesting-sounding equipment and master its use in a new and original way. To create something better than yourself to exist beyond your mortal corpse and enter the air and enter the ear of the heir to the sound and inherit the creativity of the auteur and see the world as he sees it. Nobody wants to be small and inaudible, that’s why we make loud, annoying sounds to annoy our brothers. Some of us just never stop until we are actually pretty good at it, or at least would like to be. Listen to me, we say. I have something to say, they listen. Here it is.
Sounds good dude. What else you got?
And thus the fan was born. And he was good.

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