Went on an old-school tip again yesterday for full 2hrs

Also new haircut/new show time

How to remove kneecaps in 240p pt.1:



yeah saw him tweet yesterday he had a bunch of 140 vinyl on his way to rinse, was meaning to catch the podcast

^^^ lol saw Parris in that video with the black Nike hoodie

That boiler room set is something else, so good. That Trusta tune is sucha banga

ids: 1hr 11, 1h 17.30 (not the darqwan remix of menta- sounds of the future cant find audio to check?) sounds obscenely like el b

Is it still playing at 1h 22? I listened to the show today at work and printscreened that to find out at a later date.

nah over before then isn’t 1h 22 el b express

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Yes it is, you hero!

what’s the one after the one which is definitely El-B that RKM is talking about and before Express?

the one with the “love is for real” sample

tried shazaming both that one and RKM’s to no avail.

Got this still bookmarked from the old forum; this tracklist is still an on-going shopping list and still one of my favourite shows ever. For those liking the 140 shows hes done recently, check it out! (if links are dead I can reup)

21st August 2011:

Oney still one of the best DJs around imo.

^yeah thats up there with this mix for old-school sets for me

Lame that Unomano played Rye Wax for free last week & I missed it. Never can catch him in Londres

Although South Coast crew this will be large -

Saw the poster for that… Cadell on the lineup too… his recent grime show b2b Hatcha and Cadell on mic (towards the end anyway) was really good. Don’t tend to listen to many Rinse shows more than once but I think I’ve listened to that one 4/5 times now.

it’s at the 1 hr 20 mins mark if anyone isn’t sure which one i was talking about

From flicking through some of his recent shows, the pre DMZ one caught my attention the most:

Throws a few more curveballs in there classic Oney style.

Yeah, gave this one a whirl again the other day for the first time in a couple of years. Had completely forgotten about 16 Bar, big tune.

boiler room set’s big


regarding the new hair, do u think he was tired of being confused with the guy from kurupt fm

Such a big tune haha

Monday, February 1st, 2016: Oneman (vinyl only special) on Rinse.FM. Lots of classic tunes. Midnight Request Line sounds particularly crackly.

Direct link (Oneman010216.mp3)

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