Organizing (Drum) Samples: Myriad: Should I do it?

Over 8 years I’ve collected and mostly purchased all these drum samples and for the first time I looked at how many I have and it came to 72,241 samples (Thats not including the steven slate drums, komplete 9 ultimate drums, ableton drums/I also enjoy making my own from scratch). Like personally I would like to have maybe a couple hundred, I find it overwhelms me when trying to find a kick or snare etc.

I discovered Myriad ( and it seems like it can do what I want + more. Suddenly I’m realizing that I could adjust the volume of all the samples, normalize, re-name the files all under one program - Which if your like me, doesn’t make the creative process feel stagnant due to doing everything under one program.

It’s $80US. Sure that’s alot of money, but the question is, is it necessary? I’m learning toward yes, however the reason I am creating this thread is to see if there are programs that

A. Do the job better and are less $ (or more)

B. Are ways to go about this without having a dedicated program

C. Hell ya have a dedicated program! This is our career (for some), take it seriously!

What do you think
Worth it?