Outlook Festival 2016

So, who’s going?

Me! Booking an apartment this week. Got the tickets and flights booked, doing dimensions too.

Should be

Just got the volunteer confirmation, beach traffic management has never seemed that exciting


boat party tickets on sale now, Medi, Bandulu etc. unavailable, but some should free up

review in a few digestible bulletpoints:

Anthemic tunes i will forever associate with this festival:

  • Topper Top, obviously
  • that tune Kahn and Neek played on Friday on the Bandulu stage and the MC refered to as “the emotional shit” (ID anyone?)
  • Egoless - I’m From The Balkans
  • Commodo - Lightz
  • Bukez Finest - Headache
  • that Egoless ska version of Coki & Benga - Night
  • whatever was that mad ting Hatcha started his set on Sunday night with (same, i’m all ears if anyone has an ID)

Favorite sets by day

  • Thursday: Swindle’s set in the Void
  • Friday: Commodo’s set on the Bandulu stage
  • Saturday: tuff choice between the Silkie and the Goth Trad sets
  • Sunday: also hard to choose between Hatcha’s set in the Moat and the hardcore 88-91 set by Randall on which we finished the festival (would really like a complete tracklist for this one tbh)

Notable Outlook trivia

  • there are a lot more chavs than in Dimensions, its basically Birmingham-by-the-sea
  • dubstep is not dead, it’s just mostly grime
  • apparently, Truth sell a lot more merch than all other dubstep artists/labels combined
  • hearing a tune out and not always being sure if its the original or a VIP because you never heard it on a system and you’re very high
  • joey badass really doesn’t like the police
  • never knowing exactly how much money you’re spending because you have no idea what a kuna is worth in your own currency
  • mosquitoes are the most brostep animal in existence, closely followed by jellyfishes
  • british girls have the fashion sense of christmas trees, sometimes literally
  • pilled up chavs that would probably try to stab you had you met in different circumstances, will hug you and tell you they love you (and actually mean it) when you pass them a lighter or a chewing gum

Safe raving tips

  • bring a pair of battered tennis shoes/sneakers you don’t care about anymore to swim with, did it this year, it made the beach experience 100% more enjoyable
  • get fucking dust masks
  • it seemed they lowered/upped the volume depending on how much people were in front of a stage, the sweet spot where the sound is best moves
  • eat pastas before heading out, slow carbs keep you brocking out longer, trust
  • drink more water

Little downs

  • terrain is still treacherous af
  • i swear The Bug and Elijah & Skilliam were on the line-up when i bought the ticket
  • conspicuous absence of all the newcomers (System, probably because of the Mala/VIVEK feud, but why no Innamind or Crucial stage?)
  • Gantz not making it
  • i hoped Kode9 would play the Zomby x Burila and on a system i would finally get it
  • horrible technicals on the Mala b2b Kahn set, no sub at times
  • the Garden: putting a stage in front of a slippery slope covered with rocks was dumb
  • putting acts that would definitely draw a lot of people on this stage was even dumber
  • the Moat not having a bar so you had to hope there was no queue to get back in if you wanted to drink something

but in conclusion, it was sick, had done Dimensions before but never Outlook, already considering doing it next year



edited, give a man a break i just landed :badteeth:

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Really really enjoyed this year, all soundsystems on point when i heard them. Getting to play in the Moat was serioussssssssssssss!
Lack of harbour stage and a few more new ones near the fort kept the festival alot more "together"
Even with dust masks my lungs are effed

Daytime highlights: Deep Medi Boat, DRS live on the beach, emotional, Twinkle Brothers were sick too
Nighttime highlights: Kano when he went old skool. Mala at the Clearing. Ivy Lab at the clearing. Medi in Void. Lenzman in the garden. Hatcha lenged contact in the Moat. Boofy and Hi5Ghost

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I coulda gone Outlook before it was hip, bro used to date a girl with a house in Pula and I’d often considered visiting/Outlookingi like 2009ish

ye i think i remember that garden stage from a couple years ago

was jokes

really hard to stand up when mashed there cos it’s so sloped

and yeah the crowd is kinda shit, just lotsa unfriendly people wearing those shoulder purses


now i wanna go back

Looks like it was better than 2015 judging by your reviews

2015 was sick m8 i will fight u

They did have Goth trad tho which should atleast be a full point on anyones gauge.

The Truth comment is pretty on point haha, its usually how you could spot an American from my experience.

Haha it was sick but I was indeed refering to the absence of Goth-Trad!
And J:Kenzo which is still on my to-see-live list

i was wearing one of these :embarassed:
but was very friendly to everyone

also, forgot to say in my review, but shout outs to the family of 4 who moved in the house next to ours on friday, presumably to enjoy a quiet weekend holiday in sleepy stinjan, clearly didnt read the brochure

ye ye i mean i got one too and even a bucket hat

it’s not about the bag

more the type of dude inside the bag u get me

Unless I’m on an egotrip or was too waved to remember properly, I’m the one who actually called it that way, mate :sweat_smile:

I had the opportunity to chat with Kahn on Monday and he couldn’t remember so I guess it’s still untitled. It’s a very melodic tune, on a glassy tip, a bit like Murlo’s stuff, but it’s definitely a Kahn & Neek tune since it has a “Kahn & Neek” kind of vocoder voice in it. Anyway it’s a fucking beauty.

Same here, would love to know. Imo Hatcha played the best dubstep set of the festival. I didn’t know shit about the tunes except classics and it was a lesson in mixing. So much energy, the guy was relentless.

I would add to the list of tune highlights that Spooky - Goldfinger riddim. Proper gangsta shit.

I’m not a big drum’n’bass head so I only watched one full set, Doc Scott’s, and it was absolutely sick, a mixture of old school deep DnB a la Metalheadz and more minimal/brutal stuff.

The Moat was definitely my favourite stage, does anyone know what sound system they used there ? I suppose RC1 but not 100% sure since I didn’t see any name on the stacks. Anyway that rig was ridiculous, plus the overall scenery is super sick - it’s like THE perfect stage for dubstep. Jheez that DJ booth is something else!
The only annoying thing there is the constant flow of people going forth and back, they should try to add another access at the front.

All in all I’m on the same page, fantastic experience for the first edition I went to, was expecting a lot more queues when changing stages and in the end we only waited like half an hour once, the rest of the time was a breeze moving in and out.

I’ll certainly go again if I can!

Oh and one more highlight - King Commodo playing fucking Tombstone almost till the end of the tune. It’s my favourite Mala dub and I totally lost my shit.

This is the kind of moment where you realize that this festival is indeed the Mecca for the dubstep truhead :badteeth:

Just arrived home, shame it’s over already

The sound at moat was aight but it not all that IMO, i thought the boats sounded somewhat better than last year, but then again, they used the same sound system.

My favourite stage was probably Mungos, HDBxTeklife was amazing there, spent a few hours getting rattled by the front stack. Beach was good too.


  • The sound was good all around, made me realized how bad the systems are in clubs round here :confused:
  • Didn’t miss the harbour too much, it was quite a hike
  • The Den was small but nice, enjoyed the OBF system
  • Friendly staff


  • There was a lot of pilled up idiots all around, the vibe seemed to be better last year. Fucking hate elbows and moshpits.
  • Shitty overpriced beer (& most of the food). Cans were 5kn more and 0,1l less.
  • Got to hear Bass Cannon
  • The shuffling of lineup and the app that didn’t work correctly most of the time

Can’t say who i liked the most really, if i had to pick, it’d probably be Scratcha DVA, guy’s a don on the decks. Bandulu boat was vibes, Barely legal was good, really enjoyed Alix Perez b2b Skeppy.
I wanted to see goth-trad badly and he delivered, just a shame that Crazy D wouldn’t shut the fuck up.
GTs music has this kind of an odd atmosphere, which he managed to ruin with his nonstop chatter.
he kept going on over the Boris collab FFS. (after which my GF said it’s the worst thung she’s ever heard)
Oh yeah and hatcha opening with Horror show was great, that tune has WEIGHT

Mala b2b Kahn i found a bit boring, seen both of them before. The needle jumps were absurd too.
Had the misfortune of having Novelist on a boat, that was so fucking shite, he kept repeating 2 bars for 45 minutes, his DJ wouldn’t play tune for more than 15 seconds after drop before wheeling it.
Spent most of the set on the bar on the lower dack

It feels like it’s flown by, kinda gutted i missed Benga and Swindle’s beach set anyone knows how they were?

The Submarine stand next to Stables was a blessing, nice burgers, also enjoyed the Falafel on Clearing, but still, it’s just not worth it eating inside.

Can’t wait for the next year!

PS: Fuck mosquitoes

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oh yeah and bukez finezt - Headache (VIP?) is just ridiculous