Ozero - Night Life [Trap/Hybrid]

A little experimental track I made, I just tried out different things in this track and I liked how it came out. Thank you for your time. Feel free to give any criticism, helps me out for future releases.

Nice Job! really like it, I’m gonna follow you
Only thing i could say is the high melody synth after the growl feels like it needs more presence. It feels weirdly hollow in the mids, which give the overall vibe a little weirdness. The dynamic comes out cool though. I also feel like the snare kind of got lost in the mix during the drop.
Sweet sequencing sampling and arrangement tho!

Many thanks! Ahh yes I tried my best to make everything balanced in the mix, the main lead has a comb filter in it so that is probably why it has hollow mids. I tried to fix that by layering other synths and instruments with it. The snare was lost in the mix probably because it’s not punchy enough, I hadn’t notice that until you mentioned it, thank you for that. Thanks for the criticism, I will make sure to keep these things in mind with my future productions.