PC Based Mixes

Hi all,
I want to make a mix for a party this weekend but am a pretty novice DJ.

What is the best way to go about it on the PC? I basically want to go through and “produce” a mix rather than record a live mix with decks or a controller.

I’m good with Ableton but the warping functionality can either be a bit hit and miss or it’s a faff to do it yourself.

What options do I have?

Better learn how to use Ableton.
Probably gonna want to link the tracks to the project tempo, and have a separate automation to change the project tempo for particularly fast and/or slow songs.
May also help to export in stages. But look up ableton tutorials on youtube.

I can use Ableton really well but it doesn’t really lend itself to doing this type of thing quickly.

I found MixMeister for example. It is pretty good but a bit clunky and you don’t get too much control over the sound and creativity.

if u can use ableton really well, you should be capable of putting a mix together

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yea Ableton actually does work really well for this type thing, many professionals use it for their mixes as well, it mainly just comes down to preference and skill level. If you think it doesn’t lend itself that well doing it then you need spend more time watching tutorials and experimenting.

Yeah, you manually have to warp your tracks. It takes a while but it needs to be done. Ableton does well for auto-warping smaller pieces of audio like samples but for whole tracks you need to do it yourself. Set warp mode to Complex Pro and remember to save your warps after your done so your tunes will load up all warped and ready.

There is also a hidden crossfader that you should unhide. I have that assigned to a midi crossfader.

making a mix in ableton arrangement is mad easy.

Just make lots of use of the tempo automation, auto filter and utility and you should be good.

I dunno. Because I fully understand what you mean about warp being hit or miss, but I’m fully sure I find that to be the case because I don’t know how to use Ableton very well.

As a personal tip, I tried to assemble mixes in ableton and its difficult and tedious as fuck. It was so irritating that i decided to learn how to DJ on controllers… The learning process took about a week and a half.

Also, spinning tracks generally gives you more cred than pushing play on ableton…and it looks really cool to the audience.

DJ’ing digitally with controllers is not that different from doing it on Ableton. It’s just you have to warp your shit in Ableton so it is tight. I use controllers with Ableton so I actually have knobs and buttons to play with. And a crossfader.

We all have out methods, but I would say Session View is best for this. It is what it is made for. Plus I don’t want to have a sterile mix, when I DJ I want to be in the moment working the faders, working the EQ etc.

I guess you wasn’t able to do it then

“PC based mix”

I thot this was gon be about a mix featuring some AG Cook and cloud rap

Hey everybody - thank you for the responses! Came on here for the first time in ages and saw this.

I ended up hooking up a midi controller and assigning some FX I made and also chopped up some samples and assigned them to some pads and recorded it on the fly after practising for a good few hours [read days].

I have uploaded the mix if anybody wants to listen:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yxsovp1vcz268i/HAPPY%2030th%20NICOLE!!!.mp3?dl=0 ]