Pearsall presents A Wrong Turn In Croydon (A Coki Tribute)

So here’s a little Coki tribute I knocked together over the weekend. 15 tracks, all vinyl. Some face-ripping tearout tunes, some deep steppers, and a couple vocal tracks.


Pearsall presents A Wrong Turn In Croydon (A Coki Tribute)

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Mixed in Berlin, January 2016
100% Vinyl
(33:07, 75.9 MB, 320 kbps MP3)


  1. Busy Signal - Badman Place ft Mavado (Coki Remix) (Greensleeves Dubstep)
  2. Coki - Demonator (AWD)
  3. Blacks - Hold On Wait (Don’t Get It Twisted)
  4. Coki - It (DMZ)
  5. Vybz Kartel - Emergency (Coki Remix) (Greensleeves Dubstep)
  6. Coki - The End (DMZ)
  7. Coki - Tortured (Tempa)
  8. Coki - Mood Dub (DMZ)
  9. Coki - Dry Cry (AWD)
  10. Coki - Intergalactic (DMZ)
  11. Coki - Burnin’ (White)
  12. Coki - Triple Six (DMZ)
  13. Coki - Voodoo Dolls (Don’t Get It Twisted)
  14. Coki - Bloodthirst (Sub Freq)
  15. Flowdan - F About (Hyperdub)

This is part of the (somewhat insane) The 780 Project, where I am doing 780 tracks across a stack of mixes in 2016. For more info, check out this blog post


biiiig big mix


that matty g tribute is sick on your soundcloud as well. Bay Area representing. Noticed you’re a US transplant to berlin, where you from?

Ah, originally I am from New York City, but my life is a little complicated, as I spent a bunch of years living in Britain (London and Edinburgh) before moving to Berlin two years ago.

for sure man, I read the blog post as well, seems like a fun project, good luck!

Thanks man! I think it will be a fun project to do, I’ve been sketching out
ideas for mixes and I’ve come to over 700 tracks, so should be achievable,
I just need to actually record them! :wink: