Polbee - Volute [Downtempo]

Hi everyone !

I am very happy to join your community and really enthusiast about this forum. I am Polbee, French producer using FL Studio. I’d like to share my latest downtempo track Volute. with you.

I used granular synthesis in order to re-work some vocals and 3xosc for the bassline. I would like to have your opinion about the atmosphere of this track and the mix in general.
Hope that you will enjoy it :cornersault:
Excuse me for my English if I made some mistakes :relieved:


pretty chill. maybe add some more percussion?

I followed you on Soundcloud, looking forward to hearing more.

Yes, nice one, good atmosphere & nice usage of vocals.
Agree, that there could be more percussions and the snare sounds a bit boring for me.
Bass could be a bit louder maybe.

Good work.

Interesting tune. But I think what percussion you do have in the doesn’t seem to fit. It really doesn’t need any percussion IMO.