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Three from us. Recent!


really digging stratosphere, just think the mix is a bit too bassy, nice job :slight_smile:




This is a track I made about a week ago. Hope at least a few people enjoy it :joy:


Hi thought i’d post these here, i use to produce a lot of dubstep around late 2000’s (was on this board back then, did a lot of releases, but moved back into making UK Dub…). hope you enjoy.


Hello there!

If anyone out there could check out my profile and give me some tips as im new to this i would appreciate it!

My Soundcloud


@Dj_Tasconix - lead sounds + FX too loud, kick ok, snare/clap (first bass drop) a little on the weak side, you gotta get a bit more punch in there, it can have more low end as long as the transient is shorter, then you don’t worry as much about it clashing with your bass. Creative sound though, nice one.


Cool slightly masked the 2nd track percussion lacking over all maybe some more compression & engage the side chain somewhat to the sub bass very monophonic sounding without a creative pump the sub is too loud too it’s too far forward in terms of your instruments which kinda creates a bridge sick work tho master and eq’s etc mice


Kick and snare far too back in the stereo field, synth’s eq around 9-13k is too high, 4-5 db lower, too compressed creating separation from your percussion as their set further back in the mix, also lacking punch in the 90-260 in the kick slightly flat the main synth lead some more reverb and a higher ratio to send it slightly back and tighter turn the master down too hard clipping


Not sure if these tracks are to everyones taste on here but it’s here if anyone wants to listen!


This is sick.


recording soon as I get a set wired
tho it’ll be more Wire than Wired.


these are sick, big ups


I think u should use more punctuation dude that is rly hard to read :slight_smile:


Little something

respect DSF


really enjoying the og dub vibes, old school dsf here as well :slight_smile:


feelin it Terralact, very strong melody work


Hi all,

Pretty new to production- feedback is much appreciated.


pretty hardto explain what i felt producingit