Post your music


Here, is mine: (a remix) what you think? :slight_smile:


This is my first LP. I just like to relax to that. deep/dark/minimal tracks.


First released track, been producing a year. Any feedback appreciated.


I’m a new producer who just got into making dubstep/edm/house a little bit of everything.
I have a few songs up already on my soundcloud if you all wouldn’t mind taking a look
and leaving some feedback?



Second song



Not sure if I should keep this song or forget about it.


Got the chance to finish up two tunes today. Let me know what you think if you get a listen.


Here’s a new track I released yesterday, featuring a friend rapping. Any feedback is appreciated!


Been making music since I was 14. Used to play guitar, but an unfortunate accident turned me to an electronic style. I compose and produce all of the music. For the most part I only make instrumentals, but I do make songs with vocals from time to time. And that’s usually with a distortion on top of my vocals for the Industrial style I prefer when I record.



I’ve been making music for a some time, so i’d like to share it with you guys. Actually I’m working on improving sound, so it’s so hard to do it without any courses/professional knowledges. Btw, just listen, I hope you’ll like it :>



Here is my soundcloud account where you can find some tracks belonging to me.




Here’s my most recent track on SoundCloud
If you’re feeling it, like me on Facebook:


I’ve been making music for quite a while now and think I need some constructive criticism. Here’s my soundcloud if you comment with some constructive criticism on some of my tracks, preferably my most recent one, I’ll try to hit u you up with some constructive criticism also. Thanks!


lil edit of a fav


Here’s a fresh new song I made. I hope you like it! :grin: