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Epnu - Envelopment (ambient/soundtrack)


New noise project

The Scathing EP


This is a dope track it has a good atmosphere to it the only feedback I have is I’d like to hear a short section from the intro used to end a 1 bar the way you use the scratches


nice one. i did a few years ago a remix too. good material to work with :slight_smile:


Newest track Electricity
Wouldn’t mind some feedback; structure, mix, eq etc. Hows the bass sound on a decent setup? I made this on headphones :roll_eyes:

Going for that Dj Randall b2b Doc Scott playing the 3am to 4am slot kinda vibe. Heads down dark roller.
Not sure if it’s finished yet…


Put me in a trance, I love it man, this is good!


EXACTLY what I was going for! Thank you dude!
I wanted it to kind of get you in a headspace. Just a heads down hypnotic dark roller


guess the language. if you’re right you’ll get a goodie :stuck_out_tongue:


did you pass this to djs?

could swear i heard it in a mix or in a club recently :corntard:

good shit anyway :gunfinger:


I love how this thread is mostly just deleted spam accounts’ first and only posts


hmm… i think i did. but just very few djs. you remember who played it?


Pretty far from dubstep, but if you guys wanna give some feedback regardless, I’d be happy to hear it :slight_smile:


Version 2 of Electricity is finished.
Chooped the break into hits and tightened everything up. Added a bit more percussion here and there.
Overall length is longer with a new section that’s just bass and breaks. Tweaked a few things and tidied it all up.

It just needs the car test to make sure it’s all hitting nicely together…
I’ll upload the tune later today


Yo. Check this shit out, let me know what you think.


no idea tbh, just fairly certain i heard that somewhere in a mix recently

maybe cera khin?

could be some weird deja vu impression


Version 2



Hi guys,
Finally finished and uploaded some tracks,
Don’t have a lot of people to share it but learned a lot from you guys so hope you enjoy!


This is my second dubstep song. I have put a lot of time and effort in to it. Go check it out and give me some feeback. Thanks!


Nostalgic, cool lead melody.