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The first 30 seconds are killer. Didn’t like anything after that as it’s not my thing, but it sounds well produced in any case. Wish it didn’t have the modern high-processed drums typical of brostep/skrillex/yoi type of tracks…
It feels like it’s going to be any early dubstep loefah kind of track.

Is the synth a sample from Killa Bees?

Grippa is strong. Snare seems a bit harsh in the mix, almost snaps too hard. Those distorted muffled kicks are DOPE. Real swampy and suffocating vibes. I love the hats/cycmbals and how they sound air-y and real, like you plucked them live straight from a recording studio. The shifting melody is excellent.
Woul dlove a copy of this…


Wut? No… all original content except for the weird FX (from Glitchmachines) the alarm sound from some free sample pack and the drums and fx from cymatics.

EDIT: wait, which one?


The Thing.


Felt like making some Future bass, pleased with the ending but not really with the intro
Build To Drop #4 - Epic [Fututre Bass]

And me messing around with riddim dubstep

Build To drop #3 - Riddim Track [Riddim Dubstep]

P.S. this site gives you 1000mb per week, I thought it wouldn’t be enough. so far I have 994mb left XD


Mix, if enough want the free download I’ll enable.


That first one is nice man, i’m feeling that sub and the groove of the instruments.


No track there man, can you re-up?


I love using 808 in my future bass tracks, fits so well XD


NEW ONE! :slight_smile:


I am working on finishing this song, so keep your eyes peeled for the release!


Not the final mixdowm just yet but close i’d say.


That noise at 00.26 is killer. How’d you make that?
That constantly warping and shifting tone throughout is awesome. Loving this track. It’s too short tho!! :disappointed_relieved:


Finished making my short Future Bass track into a song
Listen to it here:


The drop sound is what i’d call that. Its a snippet of the main lead that I reversed, possibly pitched down also. Then I added distortion from different plug-ins. Just subtly on each one, I think I used about 4 different ones, to give it the grit. The whole tune is the first section doubled over so would be just over 4 mins total.


Had to give away back my friend’s gear yesterday :frowning:
All well, at least I still have FL Studio and my MIDI keyboard

Me messing around at Starbucks -

Astronaut [Melodic Trap]


Quick thing. My goal was to start and finish a tune in one evening.
Boom. Done.

Parisian Death

Also @Scroll_Lock - did I ever send you that 808 sample pack I said I would?


I’m feeling the vibes, quite cinematic and the crackle is great.


kinda annoying how the hearthis links start autoplaying here. i just get hit with ultracompressed 200hz out of nowhere.

@Lithium_Hazmat could you please turn that off?


Question. how…?


there’s a checkbox in the window that pops up when you click embed