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Im a little lost, I don’t see an option

EDIT: I have a better idea, ill just post my main music channel then state my new song instead of posting links.

EDIT 2: Fixed



Some chill Trap

Song In Here


Some nice, crispy dank ass dubstep.


No broo, you didn’t, no sweat like, whenever your able to :slight_smile:


PM :wink:



Been a while since I last posted here, got a few new tunes that im proud of


Latest tune.


The kick is too loud but the tune is great, very atmospheric.


Fear No Evil is great, the instruments have a freestyle feel about them. Love the sample.


I’m feeling the bit that kicks in at 2:12, that mix needs work though.


Hybrid trap :smiley:

Song In Here


This was amazing, thanks for sharing!


I might have discovered a new texture of bass, at least to me its new. Build To Drop #7



Fear No Evil is lush, a lot of energy in this track. Not really feeling the higher pitched flute in the second half tho. The vocal samples seems disjointed and out of place.
Steadfast sounds really big, lots of space in the track, but that kick is waaay too loud. Too distracting. It hits too hard and clean for me. There’s loads of lovely textures and sounds in this track and that kick is a bit clinical. Big tune though.

@TheRoyalPanic the melodies in Black Hole are really good. Maybe eq your snare a touch, it sounds too harsh in the higher freqs to me. That sub is straight from 2007, love it.

@jaydot The pads in Solar Flares are LUSH! Loving the sub, really thicc and warm.

@Dicqbeats seconding @Jay_Tetrah comment about the mixdown. Everything sounds all on top of each other, there’s no clarity to anything.

Some weird wonky thing I’m working on


This could sit as background music in the movie ‘Fear and loathing in Las Vegas’ its trippy and cool.


Thanks man, big compliment!


Hey, new to the community. Feeling like its time to push my hard work out! Tell me what you think; I have a new 16 track multi-genre album coming later this month!


Chopped up vox and all the little vocal edits are dope.
I lik ehow the tune keeps moving, doesn’t get boring.
One thing though, and it might just be me, but there seems like there’s a lot of higher freqs going on.
It’s almost overpowering.

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