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The high end is a bit busy but to me it does’nt sound overbearing or anything, the mix is pretty decent


Forgot to say I’m on headphones btw.
Thats gonna colour my experience.


Thanks for the replies and input, def know what you’re saying. Thats my newest out of a bunch im about to release. hyped yo share more


I’ve reworked an old tune.

Adjusted the EQ’ing & levels. Mixed on headphones so allow it but I think I’ve got a better mix this time round.

Also added a few little flourishes, extra drums, another melody layer, tightened the attacks, layered the snare, and added some switches into the drum & perc patterns (they were mostly straight 4/4 in the old verison).

Feedback always welcome!!


Dub Bananez - Akusei

#173 brand new


Yeah this is dope!! Jungle breaks are NIICE.
Those dark descending synth lines are ominous.
I thought the mix felt a bit thin, y’know? LIke it didn’t feel right there in the room if that makes sense.

I remember you off the old forum… you had a tune called Unforgiving Pressure?




Hey my names brizk, and I am really looking for feedback on my new track. Enjoy!


The stripped down part at 2:45 is my favourite bit.


thanks, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to build the track back up but I think that worked well.


Sup guys, I haven’t made anything in a while… But I finally made something, yay.

Song Link In Here


Liking this. I was expecting a proper vocal remix but actually this works much better with no vocals.

Had the beat for this for ages. Finally finished it.
Android Rhythm


interesting, if i manage to hunt the acapella i might give that a go :slight_smile:



Heres my latest song! Hope you enjoy! :smiley:


@Lithium_Hazmat that arp leading to the drop sounds pretty… uninspired?
can’t find a word for it. It’s just like it’s there for the sake of being there.
I like the rest, kinda reminds me of 16bit tunes. Those 808 hats get totally buried in the mix though, i feel like they could cut through more.

@sleepwalk_1980 this has potential, but it feels a bit repetitive and dry as it is. I would try to experiment with more percussion, noises in the background, pads, reverbs… that kind of thing

@jaydot this is pretty sick, not much more to say

@HngR not sure what happened here, but your ‘drop’ has 0 bass, even the pads in the intro have more weight


Anyway, here’s my remix of a candy commercial


Added a Wiley acapella of Boom Boom Da Na on my Android Rhythm…


Thanks for the feedback! Ya, the bass has been the number 1 critique… It’s the 1 thing riddim needs and I didn’t add enough! Lolol. It’s Def something I’m going to focus more on moving forward. I’ll be re working this song in the near future as well