Problems with production

I’m not sure if this is exactly the best place to ask or say this but I am having some trouble with producing music in general. I am a huge noob but I feel stuck even though I never started. I’ve messed around with massive and serum and got some pretty good nasty sounds out of them but i can never seem to actually make something good. I use ableton live 9 as my daw. All I have been able to ‘successfully’ make are a few shitty ‘remixes’ (if you can even call them that) which can be found here . I just don’t know what to do, my inspiration for making music like dubstep and drumstep etc keeps coming back so i know it’s something i’d like to do. My main inspiration comes from spag heddy and deadmau5. If someone can tell me a few tips or something to help give me that boost that would be amazing.

You’ll need to be a bit more specific. If it’s just a case of getting stuff to sound ‘good’, then that will come with time + practice.

If it helps, try and think of it like a videogame. If you want to ‘level up’ in drums, then you practice making drums over and over until you improve. Likewise for bass, arrangement, etc.

what i mean is i cant really make my own things. I can “remix” other like video games songs (but they still sound like crap but like you said if i keep doing it i will get better) but i’d like to make something original. I have tried a few times and i was happy with what i got but i cant build off of it. It seems impossible it’s hard to explain.

You just need to keep practicing and developing your ideas.

Make a 16 bar loop you’re happy with. Double it. Change some bits. Double it again. Change a few more bits. Double it again. Change a bit more. Add an intro and an outro. You’ve got a tune.

Marvel in your glory for a moment, then put it to one side and start another tune.

Probably won’t come overnight, you’ve just got to keep at it.

Thanks I never realized that is all there is to it, that makes it feel a lot easier. I never really knew any ‘steps’ so this helps a lot :smile:

In terms of helping you develop your ideas, I suggest you listen to as much music as possible from as many different genres as you can outside of the genre you’re trying to make.

For example, if you’re trying to make Dubstep, listen to anything other than Dubstep. Otherwise you’ll just be copying something someone has already done, rather than bringing in any outside influences of your own.

Yeah i noticed when trying to come up with idea in my head it’s usually either the exact melody/drop of another song or barley changed. But thanks for that idea I’ll start doing that now.

If you’re struggling with ideas from the get go you’re probably not an exceptionally gifted musician. that means you’re like 99% of people. some people have this magical talent of making good tunes and knowing what sounds good while the rest of us just have to keep working really hard to reach that level. luckily enough you’ll soon find out if this whole music production thing is made for you after all.

Stop making growls. Start writing melodies and drum lines.

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