Prodigal- East (Eastern/Kahn)

Always wanted to make a middle Eastern Kahn-esque track.

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Quite Good. Outstanding overall. Really digging the strings.

Maybe some reverb and dleay on that wood/clap sounds here and there - it’s a little dry throughout.
Definitely needs more work on the sub - I can hardly hear/feel it.
Strings are real nice. Maybe a touch loud in places - try knocking them back in the mix a bit, drench them in reverb every now and then and pull out all the beats to let the reverb have its moment before bringing it all back in

real nice drum groove!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

by far the best track a random ass dude has posted here that I’ve ever heard. not sure if you’re looking for feedback or are you already done with this but only thing I’d lose would be that windy short pad that comes every like 8th bar. you know the one which plays two chords starting from 2:55. it doesn’t sound like it belongs there. other than that it’s a really solid tune. digging the percs and the strings and all. overall very nice work.

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These random tracks are weird ain’t they. They sign up, post one (usually subpar) track and then nothing…

probably just end up here via google trying to find places to “market” their new song

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