Production comparison

First, what style is this music. I’ve heard it called Trap, Slow Dubstep, Chillwave, Trill, Flo-fi, Lo-fi… etc. What is it?
Second, I’m aiming for(on these songs) a similar style to Flume. How does he get the space between all the different pieces he has going on. It’s ridiculous, the best I can come up with is slight stereo panning and decent use of reverb on synths. Starting at minimal with bass then scaling up with frequency. What can I do to get that distinct separation and emphasis at the same time? Is that something professional mastering with get or is that something that my tracks are lacking structure and composition wise?



I hear pretty extreme sidechain compression on all of these. On that first one is very extreme and gives it that start/stop halting vibe. I think this is what you’re asking about.

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Idk man turn up ur chords things a little but more and side chain harder and you are pretty much the same. Also, sounds pretty good without needing to sound exactly like flume so just go down your own path with it

Yes it is. What do you think it is? Volume sidechaining or compression sidechaining?

@Samuel_L_Damnson I agree, I more-so want to catch the actual spatial and ambient feel than his actual sound.