RA.495 Youngsta

Daniel Lockhart is the workhorse of the dubstep scene. A DJ since the
age of 12, he spent his teenage years working at the influential Black
Market Records as well as putting out some of the dubstep’s earliest
records. Lockhart dropped out of school to focus on his career in the
genre. His dedication paid off: look through the annals of dubstep
history and Lockhart’s Youngsta alias is one of the most common names
you’ll see. He played at the earliest FWD>> nights and mixed the
foundational entries in the Dubstep Allstars series. He lived
dubstep, and as others in the scene drifted towards house and techno,
Lockhart remained loyal to a traditional idea of the genre—a dark,
brooding strain once dubbed the “dungeon sound.” As a result, Lockhart
is a leading figure, inspiring both veterans sticking to their guns and a
new generation pumping out classic dubstep beats. But he’s far from a
navel-gazer trying to relive glory days, nor is he a purist.

Lockhart is a noted perfectionist, known for asking artists to
adjust the sounds of hi-hats and other minute details before he’ll play
their tracks. That careful style bleeds into his DJing, too. He’s not
the kind of DJ who cuts quickly between tracks and races to the drop.
Instead, he lets the tunes breathe, which makes his sets feel more
dynamic. His RA podcast is a great example, moving through cuts from
Addison Groove, Boddika and Paleman before diving into a deep dubstep
session marked by his steady hand and impeccable taste.

What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been in the studio a lot recently making music with a few
different artists. One project I’m working on is with Truth, another
with Markee Ledge (Kosheen) and I just finished a new tune with a newer
producer called Cimm. Finishing music has been my primary focus over the
past couple of months.

How and where was the mix recorded?

1 x Corsair, Survivor Stealth, 64G USB. 1 x DJM900 Nexus. 3 x
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus. Recorded in the Rinse FM pre record studio.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?

The idea was to record a mix around the same time as the Tempa 100 release.
I haven’t recorded a mix for a long time so it gave me an opportunity
to have something fresh out which showcased my broad taste in music
outside of my Rinse show.

Most people associate you with a traditional idea of the dubstep
sound. Do you think the scene is in good shape? Who are some producers
we should look out for?

The dubstep scene has down-sized now the massive hype it created is
over. It’s no longer fashionable or the trendy new thing in the UK. This
left the original DJs, producers and key people who were involved from
the very beginning of the scene a purer audience that truly love the
sound. The artists that got involved just to make money around the time
dubstep blew up have now moved on to other projects, which I’m sure has
provided more of a financially viable option for them. The people that
went to the dubstep raves or supported the scene because they were
simply following trends have also moved on to other types of music.

There is a lot of great talent breaking through and the development
of the scene feels very natural again. There’s some amazing dubstep
being made that is different to the style created in the early days.
It’s evolved. New and original DJs and producers are pushing the sound
forward with new ideas, styles and hybrid creations. It’s very exciting.

Your mix includes artists from all over the bass music spectrum. Would you still call yourself a dubstep DJ?

I guess I’ll always be known as a dubstep DJ, even if I stopped
playing the genre completely. Dubstep is where I made my name in music.
I’m definitely a DJ that plays dubstep and always will as long as it
continues to make me happy, but that’s exactly why I’m playing other
genres of bass music now, because it makes me happy and it feels right.

What are you up to next?

I’'m doing a USA / Canada tour in January. Arranging more Contact
events in and out of the country. Back in the studio asap and I’m gonna
learn how to play the piano.

Tracklist /
Wen - Lunar Tide Cycle
Addison Groove - Termite
Silas & Snare - Biometric
Lux Groove - Five Four
Paleman - Like Oh
Boddika - Sunbury Sinf
Addison Groove - D00pler
Joy Orbison & Boddika - More Maim
Addison Groove - Allaby
One One One - A (Vocal)
Markee Ledge - Underground Rail Road
LX ONE - Signal Fire
Indiji - Ancient Culture
D Bridge - Fashion Dread
Karma - Heal
Youngsta - Destruction
Amit - Fatty Batty
Nomine - Blind Man
LSN - Fear & Love
AxH - Numbskull
Seven - Shaker
SP:MC & LX ONE - Hunted
Amit - Daaku
AxH - Gem Tone
Commodo, Gantz & Kahn - Crystal Collect
Skream - Midnight Request Line


meht big equipment on this

reads like a recent one of his shows/sets but illl give it a DL

Yunx been reading my posts about introing with Lunar Tide Cycle then