[Radio] T_! - Sub.Fm - Alternate Monday's 22.00-00.00 GMT

Since we have moved to a new board i’ll start this one over here- on my 6th year on Sub FM now!
Catch me tonight from 10pm GMT rolling out inna 3 deck style- every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month

Superfresh music from Demon, Macabre Unit, Karma, Innamind Records, Thelem, The Illuminated, VGB, Foamplate, Sleeper, Dubbacle, myself and more…and the usual dig into some overlooked older bits…

www.sub.fm , tonight (22/6) 10pm

www.sub.fm/listen/ - Listen
www.sub.fm/chat/ - Chat

see you there !

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audio from SUB FM- monday night 13/7 - DMZ warmdown


music from Demon - Macabre Unit, Thelem, Sepia, VGB [Dubstep], Silkie, Tallan Nz, The Illuminated, Karma Dubs, Foamplate Dubs, Sleeper, Crucial Recordings, Innamind Recordings, T_! (Macabre Unit/Stink Like Sock), and more…

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editted it so that it was a downloadable link, hope that’s alright. Pon DL now and looking forward to it!

cheers riddles, much obliged. i’ll sort the tracklist after work!

back tonight 22.00-00.00
new Thelem, Sepia, Foamplate, Demon/Macabre Unit, KMan/Deep Medi, VGB, + more

back tonight from 10pm GMT. Warming down from the weekends festivities at "think"
a bag of new music and vibes a plenty

Tonight! 22.00-00.00 GMT

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