Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


You need this module:



…By the way, my hacking cough is gone.




nice one dude, we really gotta get a sesh rolling soon, I’ll shoot ya a message about this weekend if im not working.

The modular arrives tomo :slight_smile:

annd I’m already buying modules

Grabbed a doepfer spring reverb module

I also have no idea where im going to fit this ting lol


Tubby’s Dub Style:


First patch, this is already so fun


oi oi oi

who was that used acid pro ?

brill drill 4rill


heya jizz !


Used it up until v4.0 then ditched for Reaper and never looked back lol

Wasn’t Rusko an Acidhead tho?


yeah there was a funny video

this shitmat one is fun


you work with acid too innit, gen ?

almost thinking about switching because the pitch sounds so good


Eh me?


yeah ?


was looking for videos on this mixer and found this:

so sickk, there are decently priced ones on Reverb rn…very tempting


acid is the old Sony one right?
i know a guy who still uses that to this day, he’s pretty sick with it as well.

this is the best old computer music video imo
el-b talks for about 40 minutes and somehow says very little, but still imparts useful advice. that’s a true talent. what a legend.


look at the 1st post in this thred lol, no harm on the repost tho, the videos a classic


lol i didn’t even clock that
just watched it through again, so good.
the bit at the end where he’s explaining how digital vinyl works :sunglasses:

transcribed in sd5 style

the pc is…somehow, rigged up to the mixer
now, what his plate was, is a demo plate.
like it’s got grooves, in the record, to follow the needle…for the needle to follow.
and it can pick up…when your hand movements…
now, when he put his hand on that demo plate
and moved it back and forward
a picture of a record went back and forward on the monitor

(astonished face)


my personal fav is when he describes compression by pushing the speaker cone in, no joke that shit helped me understand compression when I 1st saw the video back in the day haha



bought this pedal:

and this module that acts as a send for said pedal

im fucked