Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


I seem to always have a problem with the snare in a beat making the mix peak where avoiding that means turning down or EQing it to the point it loses all the oomph. Like when I feel like it’s sitting comfortably in the mix, I look at the meter and it’s often peaking.

Anyone else run into this?


compress that shit


This used to be a big problem for me until I started throwing saturation on basically everything. Compression could work as mentioned above, esp if you saturate / clip / limit the snare later in the fx chain


this is going to sound so gay

thing is - a snare is more than the sound of a snare

its a fucking woman you’re madly in love with that you have to leave in the middle of a forest

and the best outcome for a mix is something like: oh there she is in the middle of the forest

but you could only relate that ‘point’ by having heard and recognized its position the first time

its the implimentation of a concept itself into another context, moreso than an objective sound that sounds a certain way
so the main rule should be how a sampled snare reacts to its surroundings and how its surroundings react to it - because the rule it adheres to is more important than its sonic representation


more of this

and less of this


I’ve been making patches on the Arturia Modular V the last few days and it sounds good. They made this synth in collaboration with Dr. Bob Moog and is based off of the late '60’s design.

I actually kind of like that the modules (for the most part) are preset unlike the VCV Rack (which is awesome), so you can get into the OG Moog flow which is deep.

Coincidentally, Moog recently announced that they are making a limited edition series of their old '60’s style modulars for $35,000 apiece for a run of 40.


Lower the volume and add parralel compression, so that you add only the volume of the snare minus all the snappy attack.

On a semi related note, just did a quick fun tune in a day and a half bc I was tired of not finishing tunes. I recorded a business card dropping on my screen stand, and it made some interesting snappy snares. Went to a friend to teach him a bit about production and thats how I started a tune lol. Finally started playing with distortion and compression on snares, its fun. Also, I managed to add volume envelopes under samples in the playlist in Fl studio, just right click the sample and select either volume or pan under Automation. Im so glad I finished a tune so quick lol


Or turn everything else down except the snare

Or do what I do and don’t care


saturation with soft-clipping does the trick for me


I need a way of changing the start and end time of a sample played in real time. Just recorded some clicks and pops while plugging cables in and out, and the basslines are unreal, also great for pads and leads, I should sample more stuff…


Shouldn’t be too hard to assign attack/release times with an envelope…


Are you talking about looping audio start and end points or amplitude envelope?


You mean setting it up so that every midi note starts the sample from a different point in the waveform? What DAW do you use?


I dont know how to exactly explain, but I need to change the start or end point of a sample in time, so it changes when the samp"e starts playing, and all that while the sample is still looping, so for instance I play a bassline and it slowly changes its fatness or soubds more thin. Tmsv, I use FL, I tried Fruth granulizer and it almost does the same thing but with granulizer artifacts.


Is there no sampler in fl? It’s been years since I’ve used fl and I don’t remember.

What you’re talking about should be in any basic sampler plugin tho.


There of course is a sampler but the in and out points of a sample can’t be changed in real time or automated…




p interesting seeing that he uses a tablet+stylus to control the daw, seems to work well for him


Are you using this? I tried to get down with it like 10 years ago and was like “eh, I have more fun samplers.” Know it gets a lot of props tho.

And now 4tha WTF portion of our evening:

Bit of a wild ride.

@knobgoblin @cyclopian @mks

And this one is a whole lotta WTF. I laughed at several things, but honestly more power to dude. Starting with his haircut. What.the.actual.fucc. :smashedlol:


No I don’t. Just wanted to find something free for epnu and it looks quite good.

I just use the one built into ableton myself; does everything i need it to with no extra craziness or UI to slow me down. Looking to get add a eurorack sampler to the rack soon tho :badteeth: