Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


haha i posted the jacques one a lil while back, really entertaining (its actually the reason I built that contact mic module, still to buy/build a lil external piezo mic for it though, using the one soldered to the faceplate is fun but limited), will peep that Kwake one in the AM.


Jacques one is pretty cool: in the end he won me over even if he’s a 4/4 motherfucker robble robble robble lol.

Sound made from materials is cool. :cool:

The TR is based on the function set of an old school hardware unit if I recall, which has its pros and cons. Maybe they’ve cleaned up the UI (hopefully) so no endless nested submenus with lots of toggles like the old days.


i might try to build one of these soon, from what i can tell its p much just some steel wire with a contact mic on the underside, could run that directly into the eurorack


From this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/FL_Studio/comments/56kk2i/free_sampler_with_automation_enabled_sample_start/

You can bind the peak controller’s LFO to anything so that might be useful here. I don’t use FL Studio as much as I used to so I haven’t tested this.

Drop sample in SliceX.
Go to settings and enable "sample start covers whole length" (press down arrow below "layering").
Create a region (click add/remove region marker in the sample editor). Sample should now trigger on note.
Go to the articulator window, and map "start" to mod x or whatever.
Automate mod x.    /edit Alternatively, if you have access to Harmor, drop the sample in Harmor and automate the start & speed knobs (use resynthesis template)


Thanks for the suggestions. @Tmsv I actually found that same reddit page, will experiment with it tomorrow.

I find myself experimenting more and more with recording my own sounds and turning them into everything. Who knew I could turn a nasty cable unplug pop into an even nastier bass :smiley:


some good interviews here:



I got a new audio interface, now im dealing with the annoying thing where I can’t really have multiple things open that ‘share’ the audio.

For example, If im running ableton, firefox or my media player will not play any audio until i shut down ableton and then restart those programs. Some sort of asio4all ting goin on

I fixed this once before, and I will figure it out again, but its a huge boner killer when you get some new gear and then new headaches pop up right away. more gear more problems


Shit, if you figure out how to do this, I would like to know.

I have been resigned to the fact that if I have Ableton open, I cannot play other audio sources.


give me a brief rundown on your interface and os set-up

I will pay more attention when i solve the problem this time and get back to you.

I had this issue with my focusrite interface and I got it resolved via some ( actually a lot of) trial and error


Well, right now I’m having the issue on my day to day audio interface for my laptop which is an M-Audio M-Track on Windows 10.

I can’t remember if I’ve had this issue on my other audio interfaces.


you using asio? or a specific driver?

this seems to be the issue, where ableton might use the class compliant driver that is specific to the interface, but the rest of your programs are using the asio4all. I cant remember exactly tho


It used to split for me. I’d have ableton running out usb yo soundcloud chosen in ableton pref and audio playing through laptpp oft connected to speaker by changing the sound settings in windows.
Using asio4all for ableton and built in drivers for fubar


ableton running to soundcloud? sound flower perhaps?

im not running foobar myself, but im using jriver, and the audio settings are way too audiophile for mi simple brain. Will figure it out soon tho when I have some time and energy. Def is all just driver settings in the various programs.


I meant soundcard.
If in your windows sound settings you can choose in built soundcard to run ur music player, and in ableton preferences set the usb soundcard as your device both should run seperately


ye i appreciate the help, I’ve got that all sorted, but still running into ableton canceling out the other programs’ output when its open.


Hope e you get it sorted bud!


thanks g, just the typical BS gotta spend an afternoon A/B testing all the combos till it works lol


this is what i was talking about at the time - re arps


A couple of months back I said yes to do post-work and try to make a score for a student-grade short film spanning around 11 minutes or so. Lots and lots of huge balance issues, dc-clicks, unwanted distortion, missing room tone in random clips and so forth. Even after spending a lot of time time in getting into iZotope RX - which have been a true lifesaver for some issues (esp low-frequency camera rumble) - I’m starting to realize that you truly can’t polish a turd.

I’ve also started to really enjoy working in Logic. I love the customizable plugins folder, having access to tools when pressing command, cutting in audio clips is a breeze (select region with cursor, click at the top of the clip and voila" - same as select region + cmd-e in Ableton, just with one less click. Etc.


i love logic too but i fucking hate how the alt+click thing where you can toggle to copy or move a section never fucking behaves sensibly. I swear I do the exact sequence of key presses and get a different result there every time.