Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


Oh wow, I’ve never heard of those. How do they sound?


right now they sound like holding a sea shell up to your ear, but the sea shell is my wallet

they are shipping out on Monday.

I’ve demo’d the model above this and was blown away (honestly incredible speakers), but they arent suitable for my room or budget. I’ve been told these are very similar sonically so im v excited.


Borrowed one of these off a mate on long term loan.
Looking forward to getting to grips with it.
M-Audio Keystation 49e


Having a keyboard is way better then mousing around.


And I can assign drum hits to individual keys? So I play drum beats more organically?


yeah, im not familiar with reaper or its tools but most samplers will have notes assigned to the ‘slot’ the sample goes in

heres the one in ableton for example, you can see on the squares that each one has a note


I don’t think Reaper’s sampler can do it, but if you dl a free drum sampler, should work.

You can chuck short clips on each key, like three hits or something and trigger those.


Cheers guys, I’ll have a play & see what happens.
It’ll just be nice to play pads and synths organically if nothing else.


Reasamplomatic5000 doesn’t allow you to import multiple sounds or map start points to individual keys sadly, you’ll need to look at a third party sampler

Shortcircuit is a popular free one.

I’ve tried EQing single break hits before. You can obviously make the hits sound punchier and more bols that way, but you lose a bit of cohesion if that makes sense, i think it’s worth it when you’re adding more percussion, so the difference in sound is masked somewhat.

I’m usually lazy so i just chuck the whole break into 1 track with and chop it up, no processing of the individual hits




That’s what it’s called :man_shrugging:


Ok I’ve spent the morning reading and watching youtube vids and I’m none the wiser.

I have a funk break cut up in Audacity into individual hits. Each hit in a new stereo track.
I want to put each hit individually into Reaper’s piano roll thing so I can fuck the hits around to make some jungle breaks.

I cannot figure out how to do this.
As far as I can see I need the drum hits in Audacity to be exported as midi files so they open in the piano roll in Reaper?

I can’t find any way of exporting the drum hits from Audacity as midi files for Repear’s piano roll.
Shall I fuck Audacity off and re-chop the break from inside Reaper?

This is sorta where I want to be


definitely something wrong here

a midi file is super tiny and wouldnt ‘contain’ the wavs

im sure someone can help
but maybe get a version of reaper that is set up for drum choppage (google it)


Get a drum sampler.

You’ll need to export individual audio hits.

MIDI is control information about what note, when and how, not actual audio.


Ok I think I’m getting it…
I’ve also been looking at free drum samplers and I think I’ve got one or two that look ok.

Get a drum sampler.
Chop the break in Reaper.
(optional EQ, FX)
Export the hits individually. (as what filetype?)
Import the hits into the sampler.
Make a beat.
Export it. (as a WAV or similar?)
Import it back into Reaper.
EQ, FX etc

Thanks for the help and patience!!


WAV should work.


i would urge you to try to work just in the audiolane/ put the wave down and manually cut it as audio in the daw
looking at the wave form

never trust a program to know where to cut the sample
do that manually by zooming in and then listening

you dont want a device that triggers individual drum sounds either

but should want to work with a whole break, because that coherence to the sound is what makes a great drum sound - this way theres already an engineer that has balanced the hits

(like the recording ‘sets’ how loud the inter relations are between the ‘hits’ in the break and is not something you have to work a lot on during the mixing stage)

i mean its cool to be able to pitch and reverse hits and all that
but the precision and clearity/texture you get from actually using the bits of recorded air in between the drums in a break - is where the natural sounding but fast drums we know from good dnb and jungle comes from

think teebee as breaks and maybe spor or brostep/ stadium/clown dnb producers as using single hits

but if you work with breaks you will end up using background hits or single hits to enforce the break
and then a drum sampler could help out


MIDI = command information. It just tells your machine what buttons to press. You can’t export sound “as MIDI”, you can export essentially a mechanical piano roll.




yeah i know lol but thats not really exporting sound as midi thats getting something to translate

also in my experience it works really badly even just feeding it a simple piano recording