Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


What do you do when nothing sounds good and you get ear fatigue.
I know take a break, do something else, but every time I sit down to put some beats together it’s just shit and I get disheartened…

I get good bits of ideas, a melody here, a sound there, but nothing cohesive.


someone else might be into that vibe even if you think its shit/not cohesive


Make some ambient music…


kinda mindblown on the use of the velocity effect here being used as a probability controller gate

I fucking love software that continuously makes me realize how limited my mindset on problem solving is



DP Beats is a ridiculously sick producer and hes fired up here talking shit about other producers while making some hard ass beats

Going in


I haven’t heard that word in awhile.


I went to a Negativland concert in this funky warehouse in South Lake Union in Seattle years ago. Back then South Lake Union was a sparce ex-industrial zone, now it’s a really expensive neighborhood because Amazon’s headquarters are there.

Anyways, it was a cool concert. I’ve been into the concept of plunderphonics for awhile.



After stupidly spending four whole years putting it off, finally updating my laptop and getting Logic so I don’t have to produce on Garageband 2011 anymore lol

Actually tho GB isn’t as horrible as ppl might think. The proper big downsides are:

No sidechaining except a very limited built-in ducker

No busses or other I/o functionality

Only 4 inserts per channel + built in EQ and pretty rubbish compressor with missing envelope settings

Bad metering options

Apart from these annoying missing features you can get by pretty well by installing a fuckload of plugins, and using the one insert slot on the master to print out bus channels

Still really can’t believe I stuck with that fisher price ass software for so long

Hopefully logic doesn’t melt my computer


nice one dude, you made some killer music with limited resources there, hopefully Logic works out well for ya


Gonna have to buy myself a new laptop as well, my PC (of 10 years) is struggling to power on and load Windows lol…Gonna have to try and beg my parents for it tho as I dont have a job yet.


Fuck, OK upgraded to Logic and seems to work as it should, setting up my templates and updating plugins and shit and I realize new Logic doesnt support 32 bit plugins, a couple of which I reaaally rated

I used this a whole lot:

Anyone got any good free 64 bit AU plugins that do the same? IDK what to even search for, some people call this a gate and some call it a filter I think? But those are also both other things? “Automated filter” basically?


There are some free ones as well I believe, google will help


Yo anyone know what software was used to make most OG UKG, specifically 2step?

I remember hearing Cubase was the big one for jungle, did that carry over into 2step?

@mks any idea?


Cubase was one of the main ones. Logic probably too. They still made it for PC’s back then before Apple bought them. I’m not sure if people were using trackers for 2-Step like they did with a lot of of Jungle.

People were also still using hardware samplers and synthesizers mainly.

Here’s El-B working with audio in Cubase in 2007:


awesome man

this is maybe a stupid question but I’ve never realized this: When you make a tune with just a sampler and synths, no DAW, how the fuck do you do that lol

do you make loops with a tape machine hip hop style? Like how the fuck do you make a jungle or garage track without some kinda big grid to arrange things in? Sounds so fucking hard


Nah, people used samplers and synths with a sequencer. It could be Cubase, Logic or a tracker. Or it could be an MPC or something.

You worked with MIDI to control the audio in the sampler and synths.

Mixdowns were done in real time through a mixing desk to a DAT or even cassette sometimes.


hardware sequencers (mpcs, workstations) and/or internal sequencers all synced up. and then if you have a mixer you can do stuff on top of that


This was my first sequencer:

I moved fairly quickly to a computer based sequencer on an old Apple computer running a program called Opcode Vision after that.

I still have an MMT-8 around. Not my original one, but I bought another one later.

It is so much easier to get into producing now than it was back then lol.