Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


might be some good info for ya here


still better than garageband 2 lol, that was 2 inserts per track.

plus 2 instances of TAL elektro slowed my mac mini down to a crawl.

those were the times


I’m trying to wrap my head around this setup. Part of it looks cool and useful but the other part looks unfunky but I do see all of those expressions pedals. Def another way of working.


def a strange set up

pedals for each of the midi pianos, sustain and corda for the main keyboard in the middle. But what are all those dongles out of the midi keys?

not sure on the various DAW controllers around, I personally hate using those type of pad machines vertically. But maybe works for them.

no monitors as well, def kind of odd

taking a closer look, I feel like this is the workstation of some sort of twitch streamer/youtube person.

There looks to be a VR set-up to the left.


sample time: the inteior vehicle sounds, been using the machine gun as a kick drum on this project i’ve been working on lately as well as lot of the other blown out sounds

the video is grim af in a lot of ways and i dont mean to make light of things included, using resampling as a way to project this into something I care about. anti violence > > >

the sound quality on this is just nightmarish sounding to me


thinking about starting a free net label specialising in non 4/4 shit.

i’m nearly 30 now, been making beats for over half my life without ever taking it seriously.
my main goal with production was always to just be original.
but putting the odd joint on soundcloud with no thought to coherency or context is kinda pointless really isn’t it?

the whole social media driven commercial music thing is just a bit lame.
likes, follows, hits, press, hype, sales - everything relies on this validation so heavily. i miss those days of stumbling across random websites, each one unique and probably badly designed, just to find some weird new shit.


Lovelove records was a good one for that.


Having gotten fully used to logic its now so damn obvious that a huge % of what makes a mix good is simply funneling your tracks into buses so they can be compressed with each other and everything in the mix doesn’t bleed and poke out all over the place, so to speak.

When you just balance 4-5 buses instead of a 25-track project at the same time its so much easier. Also by putting things together on a bus you can easily fudge over a lot of transient issues and problems with snares clashing with hats etc, without really doing any work.


Is there anything like a peak-tracker that analyses the top 40% of peaks of a particular sound and familiarises itself with timbre so that any time the tracker hears that sound it’s got a close to idea where peaks will be as a sound is played on a scale. A sort of a ai-learnt glue compressor for particular sounds.


so tru haha


Ive figured this out now lol

you gotta hold alt, then click on the region you wanna move/copy, move it to where you want it, then CLICK AGAIN to put it there, then release alt


I wouldn’t think so, but a lot of comps and limiters have look ahead.
With any old compressor you can just copy the track to another bus, move it back about 30ms,
compress the original and use the delayed copy as the side chain input.

I only use look ahead on limiters in mastering.


Ahhright and adjust the pulled back track till it’s sounds dead on.
Cheers man!


lol I just majorly fucked this assignment for uni, left it late as hell and despite sinking mad hours the last week didnt get close to finishing it

the upside though is that a part of the assignment was using redrum + droctored in reason to make a beat and i got lost spending way too much time fucking around with that.

Proper respect reason now. I thought it was obtrusive overly visual bullshit that hid the “tune” from you before but i plugged the kick into the synth and made that classic squelchy metallic ghetto house perc, bouncing organically off the kick. And from there it was lit. Slapped the chaka khan loop on it and put this basic but slamming 909 pattern on “shuffle” then just fucked about with sidechained filters and taking shit in and out and it was so fun. I was always shit at making house or techno but that workflow of focusing on just fucking about with the machine instead of trying to sculpt some progression in a grid makes it feel easy. Gonna try finish just the tune bit and bounce it out tmw


Reason is the tits
But it is slower to get normal shit done sometimes


I found Reason was pretty user friendly for the most part but for some reason (n.p.i.) everything had this plastic sound, I couldn’t get anything to sound organic at all


Idk what u mean by that

What version was it?


Yeah, although maybe that’s fixable now that it has vst support. I think the output render might have some kind of a built in boomy/bright curve to sound “better” on a 14 year old’s shitty laptop speakers (a la Beats.)


I don’t think it does this at all imo


A lot of people have complaints about the mixdown quality being kinda brittle tho. Not sure what else it would be.