Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


I think we’re talking Reason 4 and earlier here. Newer versions have great summing.
Really liked 4 though, still use it now and then.


I’m still waiting for my Boog. But what Uli Behringer said over on gearslutz in the Behringer Odyssey thread, is that they have shipped 10,000 units already with another 15,000 on backorder. Crunching the numbers real quick with each unit costing $299 retail is around $7,500,000 made from these synths.

So that is just the Model D. Now with the Odyssey, 808 and 101 coming out I wonder what those numbers are going to be?

Korg seemed to be ahead of the pack in many ways but in a lot of ways still fell short of the mark. Roland has seemed to just be clueless for the last several years but they are trying (maybe).

It is almost like if Roland and Korg would have just listened to what people really wanted years ago, they would be in a much better position.


was a pretty old version tbh, this was like 6 years ago, think it was Reason 4 iirc


Of course, these numbers are retail, not wholesale. Still millions.


I used 4 for like 6 years lol

Idk I just don’t like change

I’m still on reason 5 lmao


Anyone use an electronic drum kit as a midi controller?


Ive done it before with a drummer buddy of mine. Didn’t really push it too far since he literally wanted to midi control some drum vst software with his digi drums; p basic stuff. Worked well though.

my eurorack is now full :frowning:

well, except for some 1u space and intellijel is planning some new 1u modules…


how long was the transition for you from an inside-the-box software only clicky mouse producer (assuming you ever been one) into a full on gear freak


haha, i still wouldn’t really consider myself a gear freak, I know I talk about it a ton on here tho, sorry if it comes off in a bad way haha.

In reality, im still using the computer the most (thats why i have two aliases: cyclopian=mostly in the box, op amp=100% outboard gear, kinda helps me split the two workflows into their own seperate things). I’m not sure when it really started. I got given a few bits of gear in like 2013 or so and that really sparked it for me. If you want the deep answer, I’ve always kinda been like that (studied film photography at uni for example). Always been a sort of hands on, analog diy guy haha. Obsessed with machines

The music hardware stuff is more recent mostly because I’m making enough money now to actually responsibly buy some of the bits I want. (also learning more about what I actually want to buy as well)


So many serendipitous dope sounds in this ridiculous vid, esp. at 2:15 onwards when he’s using power tools in sped-up footage…





I received word from my Sweetwater rep that my Boog has shipped today.


I got a volca sample super cheap last week and im suprised at how much this thing can slap, really impressed tbh. There is a isolator filter thing for the bass and high end, sounds fucking great (in a really bad way) cranked up imo.

most the drums and 808-ish kick bassline thing in this are from the volca, lead from the modular, edited + drum fills in ableton


also finally just figured out ‘reverse’ side-chain in ableton, so fun for making those swelling noise layers pump around around ya tune, also having fun using it on breaks rn but they can get a little ott, still experimenting


I need to research sidechaining and busses as I have no idea what they are…

Also, can I run two different reverb vsts on the same channel/track? I’ve got a beautiful reverb vst but it doesn’t have a freeze function.
I want to add another reverb vst so I can reverb my reverb. That’d work wouldn’t it?


Yeah, that would work.


Check the difference between putting a reverb on the reverb and sending the same
signal to two different aux busses with said reverbs independently though.


That, and try putting one reverb as an insert and the other as an aux send too.

Speaking of reverbs, I bought an Eventide Blackhole reverb last night which is a more experimental sound design type reverb.


anybody know about roland?
what’s the cheapest/most practical bit of kit that can use old SR-JV expansion cards? JV-880?
rack or keyboard, don’t mind.


The JV-880 will only hold one expansion card as will the JV-1010. The JV-1080 will hold four of them.

You could probably get a 1010 for really cheap and probably the 880 too.