Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


Man, all these prices are rising. I think people are getting into romplers again.

I got a JV-1080 for 200 bucks 10 years ago.

Some of the cards would almost cost as much as the synth.


1080s are still that cheap on reverb quite often

reverb is my enemy


Yeah, I was looking on Ebay so it is sometimes hard to tell.

The JV’s were going cheap for awhile but I think the prices are starting to go up.


Yeah eBay is just a wasteland of high prices these days for the most part


It’s called the Eventide Space br0. It is probably the most commonly found reverb pedal
in home studios, but that’s just because it’s the best one.

Didn’t I see you asking how to connect a Kaoss to your Formula Sound on here yesterday?

*oh haha there’s a plugin effect actually called Blackhole :hugs:
I might get that actually. Been looking for a reverb to really drastically change sounds.


Sidechaining - triggering a plugin (most commonly a compressor, but can be an eq, or in reaper pretty much anything) not with the audio on track, but from an external source. Most common thing with dubstepz is to duck the subbass when the kick hits, so you create a bit more space in the mix, but it can be used in different ways.

I’m not super knowledgable on bussing, but basically i think it just refers to sending outputs from multiple tracks into one track so you can process multiple tracks at once, this both saves CPU usage and helps thing to ‘gel together’ as they are going through same processing.
I use Reaper’s folder tracks for this, really handy feature.


You’re referring to summing in the latter part, but you do that on a bus. Some people refer
to it as bus mixing or grouping. A bus is basically just the destination of the route you send your signal over. Like aux 1, track 5, stereo LR etc…

*I guess you could also say bussing though


Cool thanks. Going to need to do Some research still! A lot that still doesn’t make sense haha


Get with the times man. :badteeth:

Eventide ported the algorithm from Space into a VST. You should get it in the next 5 days if you are going to get it. It’s like $69 compared to the usual $199. I missed the $49 sale last year when Eventide had a reverb a week sale because I bought the UltraReverb the first week. Then Blackhole was the next week. I was hoping the price would come down during the November sales but it never did. I jumped on it when it when on sale this May. Played around with it last night. It sounds great!


Starting my outboard rack. The Klark teknik pultec clone sounds fucking great for the price


Dope. I assume it’s mono? Is it tube or solid state makeup gain?


yep, mono, and tube

just ordered a 2nd one from Reverb on the cheap as well for some stereo processing tings

(you still have that spare patchbay laying around? :slight_smile: )


anybody got experience with the range of adam monitors?

i currently have 1x A7 (not A7X) that i run in mono to check mixdowns sometimes, or use as a boombox speaker.

thinking about buying a set of the cheap adams. i have friends with A7 and F5 but don’t know anybody with the new T series yet. think they’ve now discontinued the F series in favour of T?

i’d be using them for my mains, or switching back and forth between my current tapco s8s.

i love my A7 but it’s definitely lacking a lot of low end. anybody comment on the T5V and T7V? the 7’s are only £50 more than the 5’s, but i don’t want extra low end at the expense of clarity (i already have my tapcos for that) so maybe the 5’s would be a better purchase?

or maybe i should save up and get genelecs?


buy a pair of APS Klasiks

they absolutely shit on the Adams A7x

I demo’d the Focal Shape 65s and the Adams A7x for a bit in my studio and much prefer the cheaper Klasiks to them. Esp when it comes to bass. The stereo imaging is really damn good on the Klasiks as well.

They are seriously gut monitors and relatively cheap.


those ASPs be like £1k a pair though. also i like the adam ribbons a lot.
the adam T series are around £300-350 for the 5’s and 7’s. can’t spend £1k on speakers, got a lot of other shit to buy this year.


fair play, I didnt realize the T series were that inexpensive


heard a pair of those horizontal ones with two drivers briefly
sounded nice
i know this is not very helpful


Was thinking aboit getting that black hole a while back, any good?


Yes, it is sounding great. A lot of sound design potential with this one. I had been eyeing it for more than a year and finally jumped on it when the price came down. It is still on sale until the end of May.

I def don’t regret getting it.


Eventide’s reverbs are just so lush. Lexicon and Eventide both.