Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


Check out TX16Wx - bit of a learning curve but powerful af.



I wanna learn Ableton Live in the summer break, currently on Fl 12 (for 3 years lol), any channels that are good? Also I want to learn all the shortcuts bc anytime I open Live I get lost…


I fucking love reverb.

That is all.


ive never had to go back and find out what a verb did, just skipped ahead to reverb
worked fine up untiDAD-JOKE


You must deverb before you can reverb.

Then use a pronoun to get the renown.


Had a super fun jam session with @_ronzlo making some noisey bois

he was playing his Juno 60 into my eurorack (mostly mangling things with a Mutable Clouds and an Erica Black Hole). Only managed to record this bit and missed a lot of other good moments but damn was it fun.


Had a pretty gully patch going by the end of the session, finally coming to terms with the Malleko Voltage Block as well. Works super well for percussion modulation combined with the Mutable Braids and the Buck DrumFuck


Reading through parts of this thread man it gets me down a bit.
I’m 29, i used Reason when i was about 18?
Mainly copying Burial to begin with but then moved on to making down tempo stuff. Loved making stuff.
I used it for about a year then got Logic.
Was pretty overwhelmed by the massive step up to it and gave up on it after about a month (other things happenin at same time probably stopped me too)
I wish i carried on and kept going all these years.
I feel like it is too late to start now, too much to learn to get to the point where i can express what i want to make in my head.
It would be like trying to talk in a language you don’t know any words for.
I can’t get on with tutorial videos or reading a load of articles i learn best by asking questions in person and being shown stuff.
I bought Ableton last year, only dabbled in it a bit last week. There is just so much to learn, my attention span is non excistent these days.

I don’t really know anyone irl anymore that still producers, they have either moved or got a family going.
If anyone in the midlands is up for showing a guy the ropes then hit me up.
I got a shit load of guitar pedals, guitars, melodica, shakers lol. Also decent monitors and a Mininova micro synth.
Can supply beer or bud but wont be having any myself cause i am T-total atm.
Probably nothing will come of this but worth a shot


Vague advice tings here: but I dont you will get anywhere thinking about the end product. Its a trap tbh.

The joy for me is the process, step by step, learning new stuff, trying it out, applying ideas. A finished tune is nice, but the path getting there is the fun part.

I think you should set some small goals for yourself with Ableton. For example: Learn how to use Drum Rack.

Doing small goals stuff like this is key imo, keeps it from becoming overwhelming and staying focused on one thing at a time means you learn it really well. Drum rack is fun because you make some decent beats only using drum rack and the volume faders imo. Dont even worry about arrangement at this point. Its like trying to think about a novel when you cant even write a paragraph yet.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you need any specific help with ableton, even if you dont know what something is called I can prob at least guide ya in the right direction.


Good points!
Cheers might hold you to that


Dude I turned 38 this year and got my first DAW ever (Reaper). It’s never too late.

I always wanted to make music but thought it was this magic circle type deal with mad esoteric knowledge.
This year I thought fuck it. I’m going to get a tune released on vinyl. Who knows if I’ll achieve it. Seems unlikely, but it’s the journey y’know…? Learning is frustrating but it’s fucking spine tingling when you figure something out and it sounds good.

Reaper is pretty simple and intuitive, if your attention span is bad.
And there’s two or three really good threads on DSF to check for production tips/samples/advice etc.
And there’s insanely knowledgeable heads here to pick their brains.

Make something and put it up in the TUNA thread. I did that and my nerves were shot through, posting up my silly little bits of tunes next to these dudes making fully fledged tracks with all the knowledge. But fuck it. Far better to try than do nothing.


I would recommend this one


there are also parts 4, 5, 6


my m8s mum became a pro photographer on a whim when she was mid 40s

you can definitely turn up a fun hobby quickly
the more you enjoy the less you have to ‘learn’

seriously - you just hang out doing something, then quickly you get projects


is difficult to work with

but you can take any sample and get some idea of the notes, then copy that into the piano roll and make your own song around that info


Paying for that course?


Just had a great time yesterday producing. I haven’t had this much fun since ages. Spent the entire evening making an almost finished tune, and went in and did some bits today before work. I didn’t choose samples for 3 hours, went with an 808 kick and sub and just explored from there.


yes I did. Udemy has these campaigns every once in a while where you can get amazing deals. like 200€ + courses for 9,99. I’ve bought loads of em lol it’s a lifetime access with that single payment


Fuk it it’s only a tenner, just purchased!
Trying to stay out the pub on my days off so might aswell dedicate my time to this.
Cheers mate


Just get into the learning process more than focusing on how good you are if u get me. It’s taken me a long time to stop comparing myself to others but now that I have I enjoy what I’m doing much more


Print this and hang it on yer monitors fam. It begins and ends with love of process - like cooking, sports, gardening, sex…


True facts