Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


never thought i’d live to see the day when mans on road would be invoked without irony in a discussion about production


anyone know how i can get my JEEZEs sounding crisp like mans on road?




Any ideas?


I don’t think it really has a name. I guess you call it the build-up before the drop.

That sounds right. The build-up.


i think he’s talking about the janky sounding drum fill sample right before the drop


Ah, right.

I don’t know what that drum fill is. It’s an acoustic snare. Try sampling some Max Roach or some other Jazz drummer maybe. It sort of sounds like a Jazz fill.


Here’s three of the greatest Jazz drummers battling.



maybe it’s in this fills pack i got ages ago from somewhere
the whole thing’s zipped up.




Biggups guys there’s plenty there


You still diggin’ the Digitakt?

I’m still seriously thinking about getting one. Some of the things that I’ve heard it do…


I love it! So much can be done with it. Each 16th step/can hmve any numer of parameters changes simultaneously to each other, so much control. And everything sounds amazing reverb/filters/compressor.
Its give me serious gearlust tho. I now want a octatrack, a oto boum an some synth maybe a digitone


not hating on you or jazz drumming but I have to say this kind of advice is the worst!


Gonna upgrade my PC a bit. Decided it’s better to save up for a really good laptop than buy a shit one. Gonna change everything except the case and maybe the GPU. It’s a barely working mATX mobo + 2gb ddr2 667 ram + 250gb hdd (super slow) + amd 7750 (dual core 2.7ghz lol) + gpu radeon hd4850 1gb (the best component in the pc so far lol)

don’t know what i’m gonna get or buy, but i’m getting some used components from friends. gonna try and get at least an ssd and a hdd as well. so tired of booting for 5mins


Explain. Why is this bad advice?

What would you sample?


what I meant is just in my experience whenever I’m looking for an exact specific sample or sound, I don’t wanna settle for anything else, let alone spend hours of digging and sampling to find something similar. I just want the exact thing. in that sense it is bad advice IMO. IDK if butter man feels the same tho, he might be into sampling his own stuff. he might have thought its a good shout


I’m looking for that particular fill to make jump up but the links provided have got enough bits for experimenting with.

A link to that exact example would be handy, but I’m sure there’s similar on that £10bag and it could edited/part looped


That’s the best part of it all!


I just tried a bit of Studio One v3 and Live 9 over at my friends and though i’m sure it’s partly because i’m used to it… I’m glad i use Reaper, the workflow suits me a lot more.

Live has some neat features tho