Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


Also, do you guys use project templates? Thinking of making some


whatever you use you’ll find it “suites you” better I think. I know I had a tough time learning live but after using it for such a long time it has become second nature


Yes but you gotta know when to use em, it can get annoying when you get over all the stuff you’ve set up and have to dismantle and change plugins every time. There’s smth good about starting with total blank page too


I definitely use templates. No sense creating the same channel strips, drum racks, sends, etc from scratch.


What do people use to rip audio from films/tv shows?
I’ve got an episode of the xfiles that I need some audio from.
It’s an .mkv file but VLC player is only ripping 1 minute of auido and my Quicktime doesn’t even work.


Audacity rips throughput superbly.


You can load .mkv files into Audacity?


No, but while it’s playing you can launch Audacity and just hit record.


I usually do it by using a 3.5 to 3.5, I plug one end in the headphone socket and one end in the other hole next to it. Then I set Audacity to record the incoming signal from the headphone socket to the other hole.

Then I hit record on Audacity and then play the section of video I want.
But that’s a lot of fucking about, I just wanted too rip out the audio straight from the video file.


WASAPI and Reaper

Windows master race.
i think i had soundflower on my old mac


You shouldn’t have to use any cables. Audacity allows whatever’s passing thru soundcard to be captured…

EDIT: try this


Or this


I’ve tried without cables using audacity but it keeps picking up external sound as well. I guess my settings are not right. I’ll read that article and see what I’m doing wrong


Yeah, there’s usually a bit of control panel config but shouldn’t be too difficult. Definitely hit up the Audacity user community forums, super helpful folks.


Cheers dude might actually have a couple tunes finished soon for the tuna thread! So much to learn the last couple months!!!


It’s a heady feeling when you’re riding a steep learning curve with tangible results. :twothumbsup:

Just remember that feeling next time you’re on the plateau and things aren’t progressing quite as fast. Keep it in the bank.


This is adding a load of digital noise probably.

U can just change the record source to what ever it sound card is and it’ll record it exactly as it is. Or atleast u can on my lappy


Works like a charm. Thanks!!!


Just got Tritik’s Krush bitcrusher VST



yesss been using it recently, really good


a friend has asked to sign one of my tunes for a split 12" and I’ve spent the last hour trying to convince him not to

prob sounds like a humble brag or something but sometimes people latch onto tunes you’ve made that you dont personally rate, its a strange feeling