Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


He forgot, listen to the same 8 bar loop for 23 minutes.


Was reading a thing about EQing using your ears rather than your eyes.
Very interesting point. So I’ve just got an EQ vst that’s all knobs with no visual lines/waves.


Anyone else getting these Waves ads for black friday? They’re saying you get that vocal de-esser plug free but thats apparently just if you buy other shit smh




Copped Fab Filter Pro R onna black friday ting :gunfinger:


No, I got my serial number in an email. I haven’t been cutting much vocals lately though.


Forgot I put a lowball bid on a pair of Heresy II’s ages back, just got an email from Ebay saying I won the auction.

Looks like Im the new owner of these now hah


Ernst Levy’s A Theory of Harmony


It is an .epub file. Are you using anything to convert it or does it run natively for you?


I use a free epub reader and Windows 10 has native epub support via Edge if you want to resort to that. Also, its usually very easy to convert epub to pdf if youd rather go that route.


Meanwhile little epnu’s using a 4inch woofer lol




Meanwhile sleepwalk is using a pair of old technics headphones. :grin:


god damn logic keeps crashing. Thank fuck it knows its a crashy pos and auto saves for everything but opening it up again takes 3-4 minutes each time, pisstake


Anyone know what this thing is called?
It looks like a whole bunch of filter/effects in one interface?

Is it like an all-in-one- sort of vst or something?


It’s the Wonky Tape Atari m8.


Sorry should have been more specific. That’s where I ganked the image from haha.
What I meant was what does an interface like that do? It looks like an all-in-one vst.
Can you get VSTs that kind of do everything… like reverb, delay, that one even seems to have an LFO plus ADSR controls.
So if I had a synth, I could run it through something like that and add an LFO, a bit of sustain, some delay etc - all out of one unit.



(never used this, just did a quick google search for multi effects vst. You’ll prob find a lot of guitar amp simulator type things like this)


Yeah, well thanks for the heads up on that. I just downloaded it.

As far as the interface, it is fairly standard on on analog synths with an amp envelope, filter envelope, LFO plus an effects section.

I’m not sure if that answers your question.


Haha “multi effects vst” of course. It’s simple when you know what you’re looking for


Let me know how it is.