Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


lol damn, i think i ‘finished’ (not mastered and fully mixed down, just playable) like 20 tunes tops in that timeframe




here’s today’s 2 hour 8 bar loop sesh, gonna build the tune properly tomorrow and then maybe never listen again haha


yeah my definition of ‘finished’ is a bit loose tbf, def not fully mixed and certainly not mastered, probably playable tho

usually rely on professional engineers like @knobgoblin to help me through the icky bits of actually making a tune sound good enough to release :slight_smile: i try to get pretty close with the rough mix on my own but my ears aren’t good enough for the final 10%, or 20%, or 50% sometimes


@knobgoblin what are your rates for professional mastering?


$50 a track or $500 for an album, whichever is cheaper. PM me if interested.



I’m at the library doing research for something else and just discovered the 781.1 section (music crit./theory/analysis) - holy shit.

Any of you are ever looking for some cool knowledge to sink yr teeth into start there.

Like this… 100 year old book called Hyperacoustics:


what synth vst’s are you guys rating these days? I wanna make really nice swelly stuff and then kinda retro lead sounds

Edit* I use to use Diva and that still seems highly rated



a lot of guys into the sound design seem to rate Serum, but it doesn’t sound like it’s what you’re looking for.


Im so behind on synth vsts.
I just use rave generator and bung some random synth noise i jacked from somewhere into it.

More time i build melodies with samples and automate the pitch. I really need to get into midi.


@agent47 I grabbed this when it was on sale for $1, it’s pretty decent. Their plugins are on sale almost constantly



so long-winded :lol_og:


nice one!

I signed up for their newsletter cus you get a free synthesis course lol but im more hoping they alert me when its a quid


I just keep checking periodically, want to get Loom at some point, a m8 has it and you can get really nice textures and pads out of it


That looks p.dope

its on sale for 17 atm


Yeah yeah yeah i know haha.
Im a noob still. Ill get to midi eventually.


I ran 2018 logic on a poorly maintained 2011 MacBook Pro all last year and Yh some things went slowly and overloaded here and there but it’s far from a nightmare. The only srs limitation was having to start bouncing alchemy tracks pretty fast once you get more than 1-2 going, and not being able to do little things like open an EQ with an analyzer as the track was playing with too much going on.

I’m running it on a 2017 MacBook Pro rn and it’s very satisfactory and fast


Can anyone point me to the post that had, among others, the Photek Perc pack? Downloaded the Photek one and would like to get the other ones as well but can’t for the life of me find it.


One advantage of this, is that you can retune to anything you want (including the notes BETWEEN 12-tet). You can also change the playback rate. I use this with wobbles to change my wobble rate and get darker-sounding intervals. You do lose some control when you use MIDI in favour of ease.

You also have fades and volume levels.

Was it in a different thread? Like free stuff or a samples thread?

I recently went and grabbed a bunch of stuff off freesound.