Random Production Thoughts (aka what even is an aux?)


I picked up the Arturia Pigments synth which is pretty sweet.


I’ve been scrolling the free stuff and samples thread but can’t seem to find it. I might not remember correctly though, but i imagined it was a post that had, among others, the photek perk - which I downloaded and have been digging through.




^Da real mvp! :cornersault::mrgreen::hooray::nogunfinger::dudebro:


anyone know a good free multiband compressor thats suited for mastering?


You can try the Cockos ReaXComp? It has unlimited number of bands.


Funny you should ask. This is free right now and it sounds really good. It is usually $99. I tested it out this week.



where do I get it free? Just says the regular price


Yeah, it’s a bit of a journey. There are a couple of download managers you have to install.



I’m no good at mastering so grain of salt etc but honestly I think multiband comps are kind of a last resort for a mix, all that filtering to process each band makes it hard to get a transparent end result


huh, we got taught in our course that was 100% standard

we used ozone 8 which is largely a great multiband.

I see what you mean tho, it does fundamentally feel like fudging something you should have figured out in the mix. At some point I always just cant be arsed mixing and want it finished and loud asap.


yeah, mostly agreed tbh, I like running a MB comp on a send tho for parallel processing. Would never really trust myself to just chuck one on the master bus tho, im terrible at hearing compression well tho


I would say it’s definitely good to know how to use one but Id be surprised if MEs were using them on 100% of tracks. just seems like a lot of overkill. they are good for just slapping it on something to make it loud (even soundgoodizer lol)

@cyclopian that’s a good idea, i parallel comp almost everything but never tried with a multi. also using just one band and bypassing the rest to fix something is useful




I only really break out a multiband in mastering if there are some real problems with the mix that absolutely need it, at which point, transparency shouldn’t be the goal anyway. You actually wind up needing to do more post limiting or compression because when the bands get added back together they can create peaks through the crossover area. I find dynamic eq is a much better and transparent tool for taming bad resonances in tracks.


Not a MBC, but Tokyo Dawn Records Nova dynamic eq is free and really good, mastering grade for sure. Also just a great plugin to have for mixing. It’s really flexible and can be used in really creative ways (parallel spectral gating!)


assuming a PC isn’t needed…thomann prices:

adam T5V + stands bundle £297
focusrite 2i2 £113
£90 left over for a midi keyboard or controller - pick whatever looks cool

i’d be tempted to save £700-800ish though and get sicker speakers tbh


gotta get out of that tweaking mindset myself… I just can’t finish a track anymore. and I’ve got two labels atm asking for tunes, the other one would be down to release my EP on vinyl. I can’t possibly finish that many tracks that I’d think would be worthy of an expensive vinyl pressing :grimacing:


Figured this was better in here than the dubs section… no idea what this means :confused: would.you mind elaborating?
I also dont use sines or saws for melodies i just use whatever bit of whatever sample sounds good then build it out of that.

Thats what im focusing on rn. No more 3 hour loop sessions!! :grin:


I’ve got 200 credits left on my splice account I need to use by tomorrow. Any recommended sample packs? I’ve been collecting mostly house/techno top/melody/bass loops.