Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)

I’m finally gonna get the Wolfram Tones ting going…

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very raw stage but maybe the concept is more clear with an example

this is also the first part of the slime project thingy @cyclopian

does anyone else get it where they’re making tunes but the whole tune sounds way too samey but then legit released tracks basically have like 2 variations on the beat or something but doesn’t get stale?

It’s called musicality lol.

But srsly, the curse of dance music is lack of variation a lot of the time.

Sometimes the loop is just so good it can work for ages

Maybe it’s changing subtly as well

Good info here. Thanks



6:26 - 6:40 :corntard:

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should i start on FL? maybe reaper? c’mon guys help me out here,i’m just a clueless newb who really wants to take the plunge and start making my own shit. i’m sure i can just figure it out from there :frown:

just want to make synthy derpstep amongst other things. of course im gonna google but i just want to get some opinions here


Just get trial versions of whatever programs you are interested in and see how it feels to go through the program, maybe as a begginer try finding good tutorials for the specific program you would want to use. Apart from that, it isn’t really that important what you use because almost every program has features that are same on other programs. But as a FL user I’d say that I want to use Logic because it offers a bit more intuitive features like drum sets and stuff but it’s only for Mac lol.

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Look at fl studio or Shelton if u can get a demo version to try

Reaper is cool cos it’s cheap (or free) but it can be a little more daunting at first

There are skins u can use with reaper that make it better tho and I’m p sure @syrup uses this? Also electric head used to as well i think

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FL Studio and Reason have some of the easier interfaces to suss out if you’re 100% new to this all. Hell, even GarageBand is viable.

IMO Logic has one of the least user-friendly interfaces, esp. for someone jumping right in. Reaper is powerful af but presumes you know or are willing to learn about buses and I/O. Ableton is somewhere in the middle of all this and tbh a lot of people wind up using it because of all the neat shit it can do (I’m not on it yet but have been wanting to learn more lately.)

The other piece of the puzzle here is a decent playback setup (monitors) which don’t have to be crazy expensive but definitely not cheap consumer speakers/headphones - they’re not accurately presenting what’s actually going on sonically.

Do you own an iPhone or iPad by chance?

Sounds good!

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thanks for responding to me all :grouphug:

ok, i’m gonna just start out with FL, i don’t want to overwhelm myself and then throw my laptop off the balcony in a rage.

@_ronzlo no apple products, but one question. i always hear reaper is “powerful”, but what do they mean by that exactly?

googling buses and I/O now :cornlol:

it’s because these D.A.W: programs are judged on more than the features needed for ‘building a song in a program’

some can run video or do stuff that a studio engineer would use

fruity is used by brilliant producers too

there are some weird old standards to be sure

@Samuel_L_Damnson ye, i use it (with a standard skin)
@_ronzlo i disagree, don’t think you have to have deep knowledge of routing etc, but as it is such a powerful asset of the DAW that it definitely helps.
I agree that it might be a bit overwhelming for a beginner, but the upside is you get a FULLY functional DAW for free for 30 days (after that too, if you want really) without any dodgy cracks etc.

I started with Garageband (which @LACE - i recommend as an entry point, but Mac only) and i was very lost when i switched to reaper after 3 years.

Don’t get too caught up in youtube tutorials etc. make sure you learn the fundamentals (what is BPM, Bars, basic song structure) and just mess about imo.

FWIW, FL is a mindfuck for me

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