Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


Time to get a lab coat and a corn cob pipe lol. Also, stop combing your hair. :badteeth:


Dammit, the seller on Reverb messaged me saying they dont actually have the pedal in stock. I guess i dodged a bullet (for now).


Lately, I’e been trying to make a bit more sophisticated melodies with classical instrument libraries but I feel it gets too much attention and I can’t make nice groovy subs, I just end up deleting the melodies and making new ones. I think I need to either make some ambient drone tunes and get it out of my system and then use them perhaps as pads, and then maje a couple bangers witth simple as fuck lead melodies, say, just four notes repeating with a few alternations lol. Also, my shaker / percussion sounds shit lately and I’m doubting how my snares sound a lot. Any tips videos tunes to get out of this “writer’s block”? Also, trying to make older tunes to sound better and finish them because some people liked them and I don’t personally feel them as much as my newer work lol. Sorry for the long post, I needed to say it so someone.


The best way I’ve found to get out of writers block is to try making something totally outside of what I would normally do, for example if I’m out of ideas for the dubstep or grime stuff I normally do I might try making a sample heavy boom-bap hip hop beat or some footwork, it normally ends up sounding pretty shit but I often end up figuring out new techniques or approaches that I can then apply elsewhere.

Also sometimes I might just do pure sound design sessions, I wont do any actual writing but I might just spend a few hours experimenting with making weird bass patches or fucking about resampling stuff to make weird textures, if I end up with something I like the sound of I can then bounce it and put it in my sample library for later use


Yeah, I started making sort of soundtrack sounds, and messing with granular synthesis and its great





I’ve had a long break from making music/tunes/beats because of life, but have for the last two days made more ‘music’ than in a long time, all to the fact that I realized that quantity trumps quality, at least when I have limited time on my hands. Ofc I’m trying to make it as good as I can with the time that I have, but simply banging out stuff really helps with the whole “and now I can make another one” mentality. :hooray:


I was on this tip until linking my digitakt with a new synth has rendered an entire project (50ish loops) silent. All the midi/source/fx data’s still there so gonna wait until next os update, should fix it.
In mean time back to cracking on, it’s amazing when you hack at it everyday and look back after a week or so at what’s been created. I made a punk beat with a poignant melody at 213bpm that half times for the verse. Love that shit


say you have this whole complex melodic structure comprised of a few instruments but with no sub

then you could lowpass all the melody/instruments parts and use that as the source for the sub itself

that way it fits both harmonically and rythmically and you could just try out a bunch of fx and distortion settings to bring this sub out in the mix


Ah nice idea, maybe it will work


Had anyone else found that the better they get at production the harder it becomes to actually make tunes? I think sometimes i get too bogged down in the technical side of things and lose the vibe, that said I do still want to put more focus into the technical side of things for the time being


Yep. There’s an inverse proportion a lot of times between the amount of time spent trying to “do it right”, technically speaking, and the vibes that come through.

The best workflows usually allow you to get a general structure down first and then spend a little more time on the nagging details; a lot of the time it feels like the second phase has to be limited or you’ll fall down the micromanagement hole. You can see who’s good at this kind of workflow in the Against The Clock videos too.


We just need some kind of direct brain interface then we can get rid of all the technicals lol


Trying to patch.


Earlier this month I made some blend of a Lil Uzi Vert vocal and another track, sent it to two people but I think I might get some radio play lol :badteeth:


Just installed Ableton, gonna try and learn it and then just make whatever, I really need to start working with a live mentality, I am tired of just automating and pasting sounds.


Anyone know where to find 48bit 24kHz samples?



Random Production Thought.
EQ’ing doesn’t sound that hard on paper.
In practice tis more difficult,
everything still sounds muddy and it’s frustrating to say the least.
I wish I had the time/money for a proper DAW, although it’s not what you use but how you use it?
This is starting to look like a nuSD5 post


this actually inspired me to buy a kit to build a module with a built-in contact microphone for my modular, excited to bust out the soldering iron soon