Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


sample time:


I’m gonna have to upload a pack of all the stuff I’ve recorded sometime.

Maybe we could make a competition out of it :stuck_out_tongue:
“Tolsof’s around the world sample pack comp”


I’ve never understood this. If I have everything at like -6 and less the tunes gonna be mad quiet… haven’t learned much about mixing tbh, I just do maybe basic EQ for some headroom and slap this amazing FX chain on my master bus for a quick “mastering” trick (ableton). that has yielded alright sounding results but I know I’m just fucking it up. I can’t think of any other way to make it sound loud and nice tbh


the idea is to get a clean (non clipping/non limited) mix, then boost the levels on the overall mix to gain loudness. Youre probably already doing a lot of it instinctively by now without really thinking about it.

Idk, i can do the whole ‘proper mixdown’ thing but i choose not to most of the time lol. Its a lot more important when youre working with raw recordings and materials ime. Me and you both are mostly sample based so its a bit more forgiving on the mixdown side of things (some other dummy already did that work for us; sucka)


yes I think I mostly got it, you just make your mix as clean as possible when working on the tune but it may sound really quiet still. then you give it to a mastering guy or master it yourself to get the level up. problem is I can’t do either. maybe I’ll try that computer algorithm based mastering service sometime


Where it actually gets interesting (for me at least) isn’t just doing some clean surgical mix. It when you have the basics down, and you think in your mind. I want my tune to sound like this . And then you’ll have some armchair youtube tutorial producer telling you ‘the snare is too quiet’, ‘the EQ range is gross’ ‘this hurts my ears’. And as an artist its like, well ya fuckin weenie, I want that shit to hurt your ears. There is intent.

People get so caught up on what music is supposed to be from their perspective of X and Y genre and releases etc they lose sight of the music imo. A lot of my favorite tracks sound like garbage by most standards but if they were mixed clean they’d be lifeless.

As always though, its the classic “learn the rules before you break them” and i mostly agree. I guess im just ranting about the fact there is no proper mixdown across the board, it depends on the tune. An obviously cheesy, but clear, example is burial vs all the imitators that came shortly after. I dont want to do that technical shit tbh

I had to do some insane mixdowns when i was working in a studio doing film sound design shite. Insanely tedious. You’d get a sheet of notes that was all timed .2db corrections across 100 channel strips and replacing samples with a slightly different variant. I learned a lot but there was almost 0 creativity. Thats why my tunes are all mixed down like a fuckin madman these days.



Turn up your monitor mix to usable working volume imo.


I’ve been using a pair of Technics headphones thus far.
Going to hook my laptop up to my amp/wharfdales tomorrow…


correction :green_heart:


EQ is like fingering and has its purpose sometimes but not more than that and you’re not really in there


showing my mixdown techniques on this tune im making 4 redacted, shits hitting like 5 limiters lol


don’t they wanna master it at all? big label and ting. shit sounds so good tho, congrats for the signing it’s huge


haha ya, i dont think this would even cut to vinyl. Early days still. Just started this beat tonight after finding the bass/midrange sound from playing with the eurorack. They want me to send over a pack of tunes for them to choose from. Thanks tho, gonna wrap this up tomoz.



what is even cooler than new cool music is seeing the progression going from hobby guy to releasing guy like Imami, Jook or now cyclo


Fucking big up man


Final stage is they leave dsf :lol_og:




Man I had this awesome drum synth vst on my desktop and now I can’t find the dl for it to get it on my laptop :confused: gotta dig more I guess


wtf, this thing is bonkers (digital controller for an analog drumkit)