Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


nah im here till the end, going down with the ship


Theres a cool plugin called pling4 by xoxos i think, they have a number of cool synth vsts this ones interesting and if i remember its for drums but if its not they have other plugins as wel for free.

Also, after srtruggling to come up with a decent idea fkr a tune, just did a really sick tune in like two days lol.




Oh my gosh, I just got my first radioplay. it wasn’t anything original, i made a blend of a Dark0 track and a Lil Uzi Vert track, but it got some play on Rinse FM and Radar Radio cause the guys who I sent it to rate it. I’ll share it once the audio gets on soundcloud. Shoutouts to the DSF massive :salute:


haha cool! ^

re arps

ultimately an arp is just chords that are gated some how
so like why not just use a whole project session as an arp and just put a gate on the master
making tempo variations by changing the bpm
my track was in 134 so i cut some arps at 268 then 536 then 1072

this way you could have as many layers in your gate as you can have tracks in your daw
and wahey more control than a reg lil bitch arp that you hate to program lol
just resample the bit’

also you can throw in sidechain so you can plan when the arps hit


can I have the mash as well PM me


Finally dropped 2 pairs of damaged Genelec 8040A’s off to the dealer to be repaired. Rokit 5’s gonna get kicked to the curb next week :lol_og:


Before I forget, it’s at 41 minutes. I sent it to a bunch of people through email, but I DMed this to Tom E. Vercetti cause I’m kinda acquainted with him, and he really rated it. It’s just some blend I specifically made for people to play on radio, not an original work, but I still can’t believe it was played on Rinse.

A more full version was played on Strict Face’s show last Friday, at around 1:55:40-ish. Funny thing about this blend is, I thought about it from May of last year, and it was only last month that I decided to make it. I wasn’t even producing then. Still got a way to go though. It took me a while to EQ + match key + slice the acapella into parts that fit the instrumental track.


planet … moop


module built


When am I coming over again? :nerd_face:


:finland: :loud_sound:

Iisalmi, the tiny ass town they are made in is known for 2 things. Genelecs of course and this beer:


im gonna be out of town this weekend, but lets plan for the weekend after if youre free?



Yeah, for sure. Gotta bang out some wireframes this weekend anyway but next weekend I’ll park time. Will PM.

Maybe jamming out a little sample pack for this place or something… :thinking:


Finally got fabfilter pro q2 yesterday… believe the hype tbh :open_mouth:


the fabfilter stuff is next level, everything is so easy to use as well in their overall gui scheme

dont tell anyone about fabfilter timeless, been battering the presets on that for years lol


this is sick af imo, everyone involved in the process, an absolute mess but it all comes together in the end. Such a massive difference to most rec studios

I actually was down in LA (circa 2008) working for an MTV pilot show (that never came to fruition) and we went to a studio just like this in Inglewood. It was sooo sick tbh. Fully freeform production vibes. I have no fucking clue how the tunes even come together. Everyone in the room was truly fucked up; rolling their asses off at like 3 in the afternoon. Was mad tho, they tracked and comped a whole tune in the like 3 hours we were there. Hood engineers are massively underrated. Dudes deal with so much shit and make bangers

The footage was basically unusable lol, everyone was fucked, including us by the end of the day. I went on that project as part of an internship program at the college i was at. Took a bus down to LA and met up with this ridic coked out dude from MTV who thought this was gonna work. I had to present that project as one of my major tasks as a graphic design/photography major. The footage was just the LA hood, rappers fucked off their gourd, bongs, and lines. My classmates were doing like quirky typography animations. Was a very awkward showing. I left school shortly after.


Yeah I had high expectations, but they were exceeded tbf, sound is amazing - as in you can’t hear it at all, unreal amount of cut on the high and low pass…and the intuitiveness of the interface is totally next level.

Is timeless the delay one? That is defo on the shopping list


paul stretch as vst


yeah its a fantastic delay, I use it on every track i make