Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


I would love that backhole reverb

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better make a flowchart if you’re producing in 2018

(found on reddit, tbh it’s kinda interesting, but wtf, a flowchart?)



I think most of the stuff they have in the mastering cycle is actually a part of the mixing stage.



That looks way too clinical.
Vibe and feeling. Do it til it sounds good.
But then I’m a produciton noob so maybe I mask ineptitude with exuberance



it looks more like an in-house reference, possibly for a television/film/media scoring studio



nah, it’s just some guy on r/edmproduction



Oh gosh, I just read some of that thread.

Can’t even find the right gif for this.



that whole subreddit is… what i’d expect from something called edmproduction.

i mean, they have a ‘future’ flair lol



you know someone’s making wack music when they’ve got like 50 things in the “mastering subcycle” section and three things in the “ideation” section.

in fact you probably know someone’s making wack music when they write a flowchart about making music



i put some thought in to this flowchart thing and made one that’s actually useful and reflects my workflow



Agreed, except for the last part. Maybe Soundcloud, but I’m just as likely to put it on my own server.



same order with the drum selection as well yeah?
i always flick through and select samples in that order.

when it comes to mixer channels though, i always have them in this order:

master drum bus - sub bass - kick - hats - shakers - snare



When youve got a break (made or sampled) do people tend to bounce it to a wav/mp3 then import it as a whole sample rather than having a ton of different bits on different tracks?
I’m finding it hard to keep track of all my perc and drums esp when making jungle.



yea i bounce that shit and slice it in recycle



Even after you’ve chopped it once?
So import break, chop it, bounce it out, import and chop again?

This is mainly for Jungle music



if ive layered a nice snare underneath or somethgin yea

i find it a little easier

but i dont do that every time and also i mainly make trap beats anyway so my opinion is a bit redundant



I might try chopping a break and then bouncing it out once I’ve got something rolling.
I find myself making so many tiny little edits that it’s impossible to keep track of everything.

I’ve not progressed to layering sutff yet. Still learning breaks/eq/structure etc.

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Big up the humble honesty crew. :praise:

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Depends on the usage, when i’m making jungle bits i usually process the break a bit and chop the full length audio file on one track, i find it helps me keep it rolling. It’s messy as fuck, but i find it works.

You usually layer something over the main hits anyway.

I only used different hits on separate tracks, when i didn’t really care about keeping the flow of the break and used them as normal samples if that makes sense.

I know people use both approaches tho.



?i?i? think we as producers or composers think we are more experts on musical ideas than the audience/listener so we kind of try to present too wholesome or full musical solutions to the expert music products® we make …instead of making more biosocioexperimentaloid sound entertainment…

but thats not how it goes in the universe like
in the uni theres always someone who thinks about you or your shit in a deeper way than you do
or get nuances out stuff not even the producer/creator intended - like any talk about burial or aphex shows

so i forgot what my point is now
but something about no matter how niche or original or fucked up your music might be, someone will think its intended or genius (at a level)

so on the big scale with math - music tilts towards the weird and the original or new - not taught, schooled or even music-schooled