Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


I didnt think it would be this confusing to set up a patch bay lol, feeling p dumb at the moment.

I do understand how they work, but im trying to figure out exactly how I want to integrate it with my interface and other gears. Makin me brain hurt

also just copped this wonky summing mixer, has some nice power supply modifications to lower the noise floor a bit and modded with 1/4" jacks instead of tascam’s usual rca shite.



Patchbays are a pain. What is even more of a pain is that with my patchbay, you have to take the front cover off to switch the modules from normalled to half-normalled. It is almost impossible to get all of the input jacks to line up with the faceplate when you put it back on.

An exercise in frustration…



Ah yeah man, I saw that on a few of the models I was looking at buying but after reading some similarly angry posts about having to rotate the modules around one by one so I decided to get some cheapo Art 1/4" patchbay with push buttons for normal/half normal. Should suffice for now.

Really excited to get this all up and running tho. Really enjoying it so far just running ableton into my lil rack.

Not very excited about all the cables Im gonna have to buy and run around the room tho lol

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Damn , I love this plugin, it’s free

Just adds a bit of fuckedness to sound.

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feel like when you have a patchbay and you post in the right forum - you get a key to the realm of truth and if you’re lucky become friends with them and they help you

a feel



You’re talking about the Bay Area on prosoundweb I think.
They mostly post pictures of laundromats on there.



its just like a future dre<m i hold onto

to then buy a church and fill that with modular and marimbas is that dre4mz dream :billed_cap::billed_cap::billed_cap:

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Damn PC only. Would like to have given it a whirl.



Might wanna check out some free vst sites, maybe you find something useful. Don’t really know anything other than googling free vst’s, but there’s this site:




You tried JbridgeM or 32Lives?



Bookmarked for future reference cheers.

Dear collective DSF knowledge brain; I have a quick question.
I’ve downloaded Ambience for Mac because I want to check out the freeze function.

Opened the DMG file thingy, and installed it to the correct place. It’s a .component file. However the VST doesn’t show up in Reaper… I’ve added the path to the components folder in Reaper’s VST handling preferences (library/audio/etcetc) and rescanned for plugins but it just won’t show up.

Anyone experienced something similar? Managed to resolve it?



Now that I’m back home I gotta get my setup back. Didn’t really work on music that much while I was gone. I’ll upload the samples I recorded while I was gone sometime too



Oh yeah it was pretty interesting downloading some 8gb sample libraries only to find out they were made in a newer version of Kontakt lol. Had to reinstall a newer version of Kontakt, but it’s all ok now. Just have to delete all the libraries I don’t actually like, same goes for my shitty samples haha… But I like music production bc of that, even if i’m not trying to make tunes I still can do some non-creative stuff like that.





:man_shrugging: :question:



Thanks man, I tried those threads already but still nothing. Will do some more investigating today



Do you work in MIDI or audio? I’ve watched this tutorial with Reso recently and the process seems to be so time consuming!



time consuming?

we have it soo easy haha

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chopping breaks in ableton is pretty easy if you do everything in midi, the only thing I would add to this video is that once you have your samples in the drum rack just spend a bit of time adjusting the sample start/end points and attack/release times to clean up any clicks because the transient markers are not always exact and sometimes you get a tiny bit of the next transient peeking through at the end

That said I usually just work in audio anyway




audio, i don’t have a good sampler vst