Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


live 10 <3


bass mono button is such a nice lil feature to have


I’ve been feeling Drum Buss lately. Still learning Live 10’s new features.


Had a quick read up. Interesting effect. Will investigate more once I can afford monitors. Doing 99% of my producing in a pair of old technics cans


Can absolutely do M/S processing on headphones m8.


Yeah I could give it a go but I feel like not having monitors is holding me back so I just wanna concentrate on getting the basics locked while I’m on headphones, and then start learning more technical shit once I have a decent setup.
They’re not even good headphones tbh haha


U know I dont really bother with all this mono shit in the same way I used to. I’ll make my sub/808 how I like it then put a stereo imager on it that monos everything below 150ish so the low end is a bit more steady

My mixdowns are usually a bit grimey anyway because of the style of music so it doesn’t matter too much


Anyone seen this documentary?
Ripe for a sample plunder. So many oneshots and hits of little melodies and notes, atmospheres, speech & vox.
I’ve got some real gold out of it. Started two tunes already…

It’s on PB if you want it.

Can anyone help me out here… got something going using samples from this documentary, but I’m stuck for what happens after the intro. Serious writer’s block. Anyone got any beat ideas?


Lately I have challenged myself to just use 3X Oscillator from FL to make my songs to save CPU because just using serum only allows me to have 3 synths going on at once. But I found out you could make some pretty legit stuff with it. Pretty much could write a whole club song with just the 3X oscillator tbh with a few effects (chorus, flanger, verb, fruity squeeze).


I have been studying up on VU meter usage vs peak and RMS.


We’ve done a uni course on ableton and oh my days that program is the shit. Getting into using macros and midi mapping now, and that workflow stuff combined with the amount of sick plugins in suite is undeniably pretty amazing.

Just barely started trying to actually make tunes on it and immediately felt like I was doing things I couldn’t do on logic.

I’m basically trying to copy the early blawan type shit for this uni assignment and Ableton is so fucking good for getting your drums to come alive like in those tunes. How you can assign a single macro or MIDI mapping to turn any combination of parameters so easily, and then make that automation an on-hand loop or sample you can put anywhere is sick. Specifically using that corpus plugin on drums and making them subtly ring out gets really vibey results fast.

In comparison, Logic’s whole process for bouncing stuff out and getting it back in a versatile sampler or loop making interface is a fucking graft.

This stuff is still drum design porn lol.


Welcome brother.

This is why I jumped the DAW ship a long time ago. I felt like I could do things in Live with one or two clicks which would have taken several clicks in other DAW’s.




I’ve been using ableton for ages now and still don’t know shit about macros or midi mapping. do you use some sort of controller or other hardware with it?


Welcome to the dark side my man


If you are not using MIDI controllers then you might not be getting the full potential out of it. I personally, am not really one to make music by clicking around with a mouse.

I need keys to play and buttons to push and knobs to turn.


midi mapping yes but macros is just a set of knobs that you can assign to control any combination of effects in the group.


I get it bros… which controller would be a good investment if I want compact size and minimalism. I remember korg had those really tiny controllers like 10 years ago


Look up Akai mpk mini


The Akai APC mini is also really nice. It gets used all of the time by me.