Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


not watched it yet

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Demoing Arturia’s Pigments wavetable synth at the moment. It is sounding pretty nice! It is available to demo for free until January 10th.

I highly recommend you guys try out SunVox. It’s free (for non-mobile).

I have a WIP incoming.

This was a learning experience. Synth’s a bit loud.

is there an online market place for plug ins?

Have the mobile version and know it’s powerful af but just can’t seem to wrap my nog around tracker workflows in a way that’s organic and spontaneous.

Any tips or tuts you recommend?

Plugin Boutique and Plugin Alliance off the top of my head.

like 2nd hand?
i think KVR

Ive just been messing about making some audio effects with C+ and Max MSP and was wondering if there was a marketplace for people to upload mini vsts

i know in some of the 3D/game design world theres marketplaces where you can sell stuff you make and thought a music one would be cool

second hand software? lol wut

“FS: cracked copy of massive Skream used”


I think the fun is the low-level of it. Like the fact that it’s less intuitive means you get somewhat unexpected results.

I like to just kind of wing it through the tracker and see what comes out.


like… transferring licenses

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plank reverb imo

sounds kinda weird but good on synthetic stuff

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I like it.

lately I have learned that its sometimes good to layer drums and/or ad a reverse kick before the snare. also timing is everything. here is a loop I put together using those 3 principles: http://www.filedropper.com/impacttrapdrumloopsubinf150bpm

Been playing with this, layering 3 or more synths with distinctively different sounds on top of each other… each one gets its own filter pass and mid/side placement, then some discreet compression and reverb is added to the whole thing to glue it all together. Pretty easy to get amazing pads.


Samples can be found in the strangest places…