Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


motor step



This is true, speaking from experience.

Having worked in a nightclub for 3 years in college as well as attending literally thousands of shows (everything from Motörhead to Mala) over the last three decades, my high frequency rolloff starts around 12k with anything over 14k being completely gone.

However: I’m the guy who can ID a song in 3 seconds based on the high hats or synth tone in a noisy bar with no problems at all, yet folks whose hearing is still intact are like “how do you do that?!” lol.

So: yay me. :smiley_cat:


also 0-16khz gives you 9 octaves, 16-20khz is just a bit of the 10th octave, so youre not really losing that much harmonic content as aging turns down the cutoff on your lpf


super Dutch accent right there lol


and then theres figuring out which verbs fit which sounds

plate is good for snare
that ringing long snare sound

then theres room simulators that are good for groups

but also a lot about where you place the reverb in the chain
like before or after filters, before or after compression

my tip would be to do everything artistically and exaggerated fashion and then learn to pull it back again

you dont want to come into this maintaining a sort of correctness
you should rather go for what it can do


Compressors or equalizers often work better as an insert. But if you want to do a parallel compression type thing you can put it on a send.

Revebs and delays often work better on sends. But if you want to do some crazy effects, you can put them in as an insert.


Cryptic Carousel has some of their lovely loop cassettes on sale again, these usually sell out quite quickly


scotch tape is always in stock :miyagi:


Have you ever made your own cassette tape loop?


nah but I’ve been thinking about turning an old tape deck into a delay




dont DIY shame me!!

but tbh, I just never had any blank tapes with screws lying around



How do you make variable length ones like they’re advertising. The time is all about the length of tape but they are just using one spool. Can you just wind up the one spool and have it rewind up again?


yeah, it feeds back into the ‘center’ of the spool and creates a loop, kinda hard to explain tbh



yeah thats the basic way to do it, doing a longer length one is a bit trickier


That’s what I thought after thinking it through but then I wondered how you would get the exact time you wanted. You pretty much have to know the length of the tape and then cut the right amount off of the spool.



yeah, I’d imagine you just look up the ‘inches per second’ (ips) and measure

1 7⁄8" per second for cassettes


Hmm. Makes me want to take one apart. :hammer_and_wrench: