Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


Out to TMSV and Hebbe on this one. In terms of using sends/aux tracks hebbe’s template in this video is awesome and i found it super inspiring as someone who gets lost in the endless possiblities when making a track. But having a solid template has helped me in lots of different ways. Big when shaping sounds. I think he goes more into the template towards the end.

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Lately I have been experimenting with soundscapes, which really fun to make imo. Anyone have experience with these?



not related at all but my latest breakthrough has just been to actually finish everything regardless of how shit i think it is. i sometimes end up with vibes that way



i used to do this when i made dubstep start with a soundscape and then render it down and shove it in the background of the intro hahaha



Weird shit but some good sounds in here for sampling…


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I really wanna get back into producing but i got rid of all my shit a few years back and I also have no fucking room in my flat :corncry:

If you had £500 and needed to get everything inc speakers… what would you guys get?



try to get a decent second hand laptop, not get speakers and produce on headphones imo



Ahh soz, I mean just music kit… i’ve got a macbook pro :+1:



Interface, Reaper, some sort of controller (key or pad.) Good cans and maybe a pair of decent used monitors.

You can get an old keyboard with midi outs to use as a controller… preferably w velocity sensitivity, pitch bend, and a mod wheel.

Interface… well, that’s a whole discussion unto itself. RME or Audient are at the top of my wishlist rn.

Cans are prob better to start off w like faultier says but ultimately it’s nice to have as many options as possible for monitoring.

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I’ve got Logic and know it well so I’ll stick to that I think

I need speakers lol, fuck just cans. I’m thinking maybe Adam T7V or splurging and getting the A3X

Then I just want a decent midi keyboard and interface??



P much. Some ppl like Akai or Tenori style pads instead of or in addition to keys, but yeah.

Don’t skimp on the interface, spend the money there. Best place to futureproof.



Yeah, nice one thank you!

I wanna find a keyboard with all the trimmings so im covered and dont need to buy anything else for a while

I use to have a focusrite interface but I can remember the name of it. What do you think to this one? https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Focusrite-Scarlett-6i6-2nd-Gen/1KPY



Lots of people use them, they have the basics covered… but a lot of folks also think they can sound like shit and have subpar parts, including some notable ninjas around here.

I’ve literally spent the last 7 years kind of fixating on this issue before getting derailed financially in the last year; in the end, it’s all about the preamps and software support.

That’s why RME is #1 on my list. For the money, you’re getting an interface that should last you at least a decade unless you decide you need a shit ton more I/O and even then you can just add a channel strip.

That’s my plan anyway. But feel free to crawl Gearslutz, KVR, ask around.



Agree on RME, bullet proof, amazingly low latency. I have the PCIe card version tho, but guessing the USB ones are better than most



Ok, fair.

Looking at sluts now, RME have great reviews but sooo expensive

this has got pretty decent reviews in a few thread and is affordable https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Audient-iD14-Audio-Interface-with-Burr-Brown-AD-Converters/1918?origin=product-ads&campaign=PLA+Shop+-+Audient&adgroup=Messe+-+Audient+iD14+Audio+Interface+with+Burr-Brown+AD+Converters&medium=vertical_search&network=google&merchant_id=1279443&product_id=58364d1&product_country=GB&product_partition_id=124419975679&gclid=Cj0KCQiA1sriBRD-ARIsABYdwwESJ9BVnSykTX_EqSVAYFkjbLx-LN90E5iSGirqRqykIEbKDeC1Xf4aAhptEALw_wcB



ooh i looked at the RME stuff for a while but i decided if i was goin to spend that kinda money the Universal Audio interfaces wereway better

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so far im thinking

Going to give myself a week to see if I change my mind

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Not necessarily way better, just more bells and whistles in terms of upgrades you can buy. UAD is really popular among ppl doing live tracking.

RME hold its own in the industry though, esp. among pro electronic musicians.

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I’ve sorta been looking at the Arturia AudioFuse.