Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


looking good imo, dont forget to grab some cables to go between interface and monitors.

Also highly recommend some sort of monitor isolation either the pads or the isoacoustic stands

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What do you use? I’ve never bothered before but i’ll get some. Worth spending more for the stands?



Also, dumb question but if the speakers have xlr and rca connection does it matter which one you use?

these are fine right?



yeah those cables should be perfect

and re: the stands, I use the stands myself and they work really well plus they put the monitors at a better height for my set-up since it raises the speakers off the desk.

they really do make a big difference in the sound as well, def worth it imo

i think foam pads still work well though if you dont need the extra height

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Sweet, nice one!

Think I’ll get the pads for now cus my desks a good height anyway

What speakers do you use btw?



I have a pair of APS Klasik

I love them and def recommend them if you decide to upgrade from the Adams down the line.




You have a sick set up man, your hardware stuff looks so fun.

I use to be really into that but couldnt afford it & now I can afford it but kinda not as in to it which is lucky cus id spend grands lol



yeah thanks man, its def fun having access to the hardware side of things.

I love having all the hands on control and doing stupid amounts of research and figuring out how it all works, its part of the fun for me, but in general software and plugins are so good these days that none of it necessary at all.

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Half a decent speaker and some Ikea cutlery.



Yeah, I get distracted by that and forget to make/record stuff and especially finish stuff. My friend has a sick set up and we use to just spend hours jamming which was great but we never got much done tbf lol

my plan is to go back to bare bones without much distraction and just make a habbit of starting and finishing things. I just went through some of my old folders and theres literally 1000s of wips and like 10-20 finished tunes :lol_og:



43 wips.
1 finished.



Scarlett 2i2 should be more than enough, can get them v cheap, can’t complain about sound quality… obviously there are much much better ones out there but bang for your buck is what I take it your getting at :slight_smile:

Running logic on a MacBook Pro sounds like a ball-ache (I know logic is apple software) but unless your using the computer exclusively for music just sounds prone to crash… dunno what to suggest here just have to keep the computer clean of clutter !

Monitors I would reccomend getting something like cheap hi fi speakers, not £15 quid ones (though a pair of them could come in handy) more like some flat old Sony ones maybe like 50-80 quid for a good pair…buying some reallly good headphones (know this wasn’t a preference)) but to really try and monitor something well without the correct room/ treatment /ability to crank things up to 11 from time to time kinda makes “precision” studio monitors a bit of a luxury… that is just my opinion though and I’m sure plenty will disagree, can only go on my own experience !

Akai Mpk mini is a good keyboard price/knobs and pads wise though if you want some sorta feel/expression the Roland edirol crew are wicked, imagine you don’t need to break the bank for one either…



i have 840 finished tunes in a playlist from mid-2017 to the end of 2018. Get to work ya n00bs, jk i know that working on tunes is a much slower process when youre just starting out, good to spend some extra time exploring new ideas :slight_smile:

Most of those 840 are dogshit tho lol, but its good to practice finishing tunes relatively quickly then moving onto the next project imo



Uwotm8? that’s more than 1 finished tune per day? do u even have a job aside from being a power hungry mod in here

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tbf there is a decent amount of versioning in there and projects i started before this playlist’s date cutoff and some really bad music

in general if you work everyday for 8 hours and ,ideally, sleep for 8 hours, you have 8 hours of freedom per day, thats a lot of free time to work on stuff.

I usually spent about 1-2 hours after work everyday working on WIPs, building loops etc. Would then wake up on a saturday morning with an extreme hangover and actually build the tunes all day. Arranging happens pretty fast when you already have the vibe built up in an 8 bar loop. In reality it was probably 2 or 3 full tunes per week, and versions of those tunes. Some weeks were 4 or 5 tunes though

I’m also a crazy person by most metrics, so I dont expect most people to expend so much of their life towards making shitty house and drum loops like me



lol respect, even counting my lousy hip hop sample flips I’m nowhere near that output

I reckon i need to work on not getting caught up fine tuning stuff for ages until i get disgusted and never finish anything

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fine tuning is the worst enemy like 90% of the time imo, initial instincts on the tune are the best

I dont mean to say you shouldn’t pay attention to the details, more that when you sit there tweaking it for ages you get further and further away from the original intent

and I say this with the caveat that my tunes could def be ‘better’ with more fine tuning and work, but i can’t work that way myself anymore, its a quicksand pit that sucks me in and then i just dont make anything and stuck

I havent even really used the ableton timeline/sequencing page for almost 2 years now, just set up channels to record live and then push the tune out like a nice 6 minute poo using the live aspects of Live



nah i agree, at the end of the day it’s also self confidence, big up for having that, someone will make an off-hand comment on my snare or my mix down in the tuna thread and i will question everything i ever made, diff sort of crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

re: productivity, speaking of tuna, have zero willpower and the golden years of tuna when it was really week in week out helped keep me on track :corncry:

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no, i still have that 100%, even showing friends a tune I love from another artist and they aren’t instantly down im questioning things haha

to combat the social anxiety, and i’ve talked about this many times on here, its really important to stop uploading tracks to social media right away or try not to at least. When you first make a tune you are fully emotionally connected to it, vulnerable, and also pretty blinded towards any parts of the tune that just honestly dont work. Make tunes, chuck em in a folder and let them sit. Come back and listen to them a few months later, you can judge the tunes for yourself. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by your own tunes, other times you will question wtf you were thinking, but its really healthy to give yourself some room to find that on your own instead of a more emotional response to a fresh tune on social media.

When you stop uploading it helps you start making tunes more for yourself too which is always a good thing imo. Making a tune with direct upload in mind shapes the tune and not often in a positive way ime.



Holy shit. I thought I had bulk tunes with an estimated 250+ since 2012. Most of those I don’t have any more, though. But at one time I had 200 files and I must have done 50+ either before or after those. Maybe it’s 300.

But 840 in 18 months, wow.