Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


Depends what tunes you’re making but distorted guitars make good reece-y sounds.
Also foley percussion ftw.



Good stuff. Trying to make techno/house/bass house these days, inspired by i.e Dj Tired, Cleric, Phlegmatic Dogs etc.



yo, jump on the opportunity imo



not for hip hop harkat

can be ok on some reverbsy idm



If you’re feeling something in the tweaking process you can always try and capture/document/use it as a form of arranging in itself - won’t usually get you all the way home in terms of finishing a song but it’s better to try and use the energy than override it and impose some kind of forced vibe. Ask yourself: “could that tweak be a trransition?” or sth along those lines.

You have to string the vortices together.



I would if I had any tunes lmao

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Can you collab with someone and maybe the fresh ears will give you extra inspiration to finish?

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I’m sure I could, I just don’t like collabing that much because it rarely turns out to be anything good in my experience



FabFilter Pro MB
FabFilter anything really.

Personally I haven’t done a lot of multiband compression on my own productions.
I try to get everything right in the mix and I do a lot of volume automation.



Throwing an idea out there.

To focus the sound of a tune, I think it might help do define a manifesto. A small number (like 3 or 5) dot points of what the tune should sound like. Like synthesise an ‘aesthetic’ out of several ideas.

I wrote this down in a notebook. I’ll try to finish a tune like this, but the unfinished prototype actually sounds pretty cool:

  • Pop hook and strophic structure
  • Drenched FX (like shoegaze)
  • lo-fi mix

It sounds like a cliche to try to invent a genre, which is kind of what’s happening. You could call it shutronica or some shit. But the difference I think is in purpose. The purpose isn’t to tell everyone you invented embers breaks, which is just breaks at 145. The purpose is to focus your creative efforts. You could produce an EP or album using the same manifesto for consistency.

To reiterate, try writing a short manifesto of music aesthetic and produce inside those limitations.



I did this for a noise project. I created 15 minutes of noise using 1 sample repeated, stretched chopped and looped with various fx applied to it using a contoller so i could fuck with it in real time.
The stipulations were;
I could only use the 15 mins of audio.
No additional processing or fx.
All tracks assembled in audacity.
No more than 1 day spent making 3 tunes.

Was a lot of fun and really took me out my comfort zone and forced me to be focused.



the EXS sampler in logic is doing my fucking nut in. Its so janky and cumbersome to use. I hate the audio editing/looping interface and how long it takes to save loads of samples in general. Is there a free/cheap sampler thats smoother and more capable? Preferably if it has some of the nice shit like timestretching etc that Abletons stock stuff has that would be a bonus.



you forced to use logic for class or something?

just use ableton, or re-wire ableton into logic



havent bought ableton for personal use yet cos im waiting for this group deal thing to come together for the full suite version

also still learning so much in logic that im a bit reticent to abandon it



Got the Octatrack today, just booted it up and I’m already intimidated. Excited to put some hours in on learning it this weekend tho



Hell yeah! Let me know if you have any questions

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sick! I really want one of these

what job do you have? how do you afford all this shit :lol_og:



i use melodyne to pitch a whole file sometimes
then just use it as audio

but yeah not a time saver, just an alternative method

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Dsf mod. Can trade every 100 big ups for some bitcoins



I’ve had an electric keyboard sitting around for a few years. I’m now finally getting around to learning to play it.

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