Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


I’m going to ask my mate if I can go round his and record a bunch of stuff on his electronic drum kit.
Just a whole bunch of little fills and hits etc.


Roto-tom flams!



The track at the beginning of this mix is blowing my mind and i need more live toms in my tunes.


what do you guys think of the older Electribes, I wanna get some hardware drums/synth/samplers over time so these seem like a good combo of 2

Which do you prefer, esx1 or emx1?

I want it mostly for drums and making weird noises and for the workflow aspect

as far as i understand the emx is 5 synth parts no sampler and the esx is all sampler, but does have 2 ‘keyboard’ functions for making melodic bits


id go for the esx, just the ability of being able to sample stuff will get you way more out of it.

also worth looking into the roland MC grooveboxes


yeah, I was thinking that but I also like the idea of having it all in the box and not having to sample shit cus im lazy :lol_og:


I have an original ER-1 that I need to dig out but I like it. I like weird drum machines.


think you might dig this album

clap clap’s drum programming is so fuckin gut


sexy Fairlight CMI footage inside


Cheers bud!! Love that. Textures and drums on that are beautiful. Will give the whole album a whirl later


with all due respect, I can’t hear any live toms or drum fills at least in the first track? only pretty rigid on the grid conga style percs. sik trak tho and if you want some fills in your track all the better to record them yourself


Haha no there isnt but my brain went there.
That track in the loefah set reminded me of a drum duet my dad showed me when i was a lad that instilled my lifelong love of drums, and that had a shit ton of tom workouts.
And then i thought i need more toms.
And then made that post with zero thought context



God i remember when that came out!


Whats the best way to set up split screen with a mac?

I have a macbook but I don’t mind investing in an iMac + additional screen. Would it be easier to get two screens and use them through my macbook?

I’m not really sure where to start tbh. I just want 2 screens and my mac to run smoothly without it taking up too much space. Not sure the best way to approach it.




You just need to get a docking station and two monitors to use with your Macbook.



for the sample heads:

download the audio from this vid and have fun


Pulled a 10+ year old digital guitar pedal board out from under my bed. Because I’d kept it in the box, it’s actually still in great condition.

Anyway I ran some breaks and samples and shit through it and into a guitar amp with a mic. It would be great for dub-style mixdowns. The autowah is an interesting one for sound design.


Production comp?