Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


how would you guys rate Beats (headphones) Producer edition?


you should try not to use headphones as much as possible

  1. you WILL ruin your ears because you cant keep it low enough
  2. theres A LOT of sounds you have to judge from a longer distance - than the distance from the headphone to the ear - - - a sound wave is longer than you expect - and that means you turn the headphones up too loudly when judging a whole mix of different sounds

its a marketing trick that has caught on that never should have
selling people producer headphones no matter which ones

i own a pair of really respected and expensive headphones and they ruined my left ear eventhough i was careful

get monitors or train with the speakers you have until you know how they ‘translate’
(translate means how they fit with other speakers, how much they sound like other speakers - so basicly how easy it is to forget about the specific sound image they have, that ‘colour’ the sound image)


optical on midrange and bass


I agree with that, tho I don’t turn it loud.

But, money doesn’t grow on trees. (sadly) I was asking because my friend lent me his pair.
tho I do want to invest in a pair of monitors sometime…

My speakers are terrible, no bass and sound like a toy.


its still better dude

eventhough the sound is fucky- its still closer to a monitor than a pair of headphones and trust me you cant judge how low it has to be

just consider it
not telling you what to do ofcourse :blush:


Will do :gunfinger: :slightly_smiling_face:


An extra screen will just take up more physical space right? I don’t really get the question.
If you get two screens and use them with your macbook, you’ll have three screens init?

Only thing you need is a video output for every screen that you want to feed with it’s own
signal. If your system doesn’t have enough video outputs, you can use a Matrox TripleHead or DualHead for example.


headphones are fine for producing, but you should definitely at least switch between speakers and headphones as often as possible. I’ve had to produce on headphones for 6 months now and can’t wait to set up my monitors again…

anyway, whatever you buy, don’t buy beats, they’re overpriced garbage.


I just looked at the price this afternoon, 349$ wow… yes…


every study says they are dangerous for your ears
theres no way around it

and theres things like bass where the waves dont get to unfold so you just turn up the volume

we need to stop this tradition


There’s definitely some things that are very hard to judge on headphones. Most notably low end, stereo image and reverb. I just use headphones when I don’t want to bother my neighbours, every other moment I prefer my monitor speakers. I’ve always learned
to run those at around 85dBa for mixing.
Judging level on headphones is very hard, so in my opinion, when using them for an extended period of time, it’s especially important to give your hearing a break regularly.
That’s the best way to protect your hearing in general.


I highly recommend Sennheisers Hd280 pro, great quality for that price


Yeah, fuck Beats. +1 on Sennheiser all the way.


I produce exclusively on headphones as I have no other way to do it


I am giving it a try today


Anyone just press the randomize button and see what comes out? Interesting results



good read. Nuero turn all the knobs at once and resample lmao


unless its billain … pretty much


U can get actually great headphones for half that price

Have a look at beyerdynamic senhheiser or focal

I got focal spirit pros and they are rly good