Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


haha yeah man, every time you learn something new it just turns into a branching series of other things you want to learn more about

its what makes it fun imo

btw there is a really solid free synth called TAL - Noisemaker, very spartan but solid sounding and simple, nice way to learn the basics of synthesis


Yesh that looks like what I want. Really simple, good UI, clean, functional and solid. Cheers!

It’s definitely fun in a kind of stressful, frustrating, confusing way haha.

That rusty hinge synth in Mineshaft tho :heart_eyes:


haha, i dont remember how i made that lead now tbh, was a pretty clean piano sound that got decimated via vocoding and some other things?

I was obsessed with Las - Your Eyes at the time

still trying to figure that tune out tbh, top 5 dubstep tunes for me


Fuck thats sexy.


that droning melodica-ish bit on the 2nd drop (2:17) is 2 much, such an insane texture on that, sounds really great on a sound system as well


Yeah that buzzing grimy texture is beautiful.
Those horns are killing me.
Reminds me of this @05.26


you just made me deaf ya tnuc, wasn’t expecting to be inside a screeching metal drum fill when clicking play lol

the horns sound aite tho lol


Turn ya volume down!


this one cheesy, but always nerds me out when i listen to it


Hah yeah it’s a bit pan-pipe moods for relaxation compilation CD
Love the kick though and that panning texture in the intro is so good.

If we’re going horns then this is the one.


Was also looking at this line. Still just using my dj mixer and I route some things directly through my fireface. The 10 seems like a good size for me, but is it three auxes or does
the third one only go through internal fx? It has a three separate aux outs right?
And how do you return your outboard effects on it @mks?

Maybe I should get the 12.


It is three aux’s. The third one doubles as internal fx / aux.

Right now I just have the Kaoss Pad coming in to it’s own channel as an aux return but there is a dedicated FX return that I’m just using for the internal fx at the moment.

I bet those three aux sends are TRS and if I were to use a TRS cable, they would all return to the dedicated FX channel. I need to pull out the manual, but that makes sense to me.


Thanks! Yea I was thinking maybe it’s one of those y-cable situations.
This mixer looks perfect though. Three auxes, but small footprint.

At work we have a gl2400 left over, but it’s just stupid big for my place.
Very free, but simply too big.


Was gonna keep this a secret but I gotta share, this is a really strange sample goldmine http://radio.garden

Open audacity, surf through stations and record all sorts of music to sample


It seems to take a long time to grow a radio garden.

edit: Nevermind, I’m blocking JavaScript. I let it through.



Hows is it the first station it shows me is a dubstep station?

That’s good stuff tho.

You can also rip this stuff on your iphone using Ström and Aum.


i was sampling this, is it similar?


(can’t check the link atm)


Yeah, only difference is that these are internet stations


why are you blocking js?


Ok so this is just awesome.