Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


So I have this dilemma with samples: I’ve got gigs upon gigs with sounds I think I might need some day, or that took so long to download that I feel “bad” for deleting them, thinking that one day I’ll use some of them - or that one day I’ll randomly stumble upon a chord-loop that fits perfectly in this one track I’m working on.

At the same time I feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities these samples represent, and more often than not I can find at least 5-10 different samples that all fit in on their own. I guess it’s the typical “paradox of choice”. Any input or thoughts on this?

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delete delete delete.



Ekdahl moisturizer + cv controlled solonoid + marbles

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Stupid or nah?



I’d file this into the “interesting” category.



idk, i heard some ‘subpac optimized’ (read sponsored) tunes and the mixdowns sounded q bit muddy on the low end iirc



set some boundaries yourself and let the creativity come from that. if you have too many options you just get confused and frustrated by all the possibilities. limit yourself as much as possible. maybe resort to using just one synth and a couple of drum sample folders of choice.



i got the tascam dr-40 which does pretty much the same thing, cheaper than the zoom too, i’m v happy with it so far




dont worry about subwoofers too much

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I get the idea behind it. But my thoughts are that it’s a bit of a silly gimmick.

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subwoofers ‘over-excite’ a part of the sub that doesn’t necessarily translate to a system or even a good mix

its fine for watching a film or some lad stuff
but not for producing ime



There are actually like 4 Subpac threads lol




arghh im having an issue where as soon as I bus a certain group of tracks together and put processing on the bus, that bus gets a huge latency that makes it completely off beat

not finding any good solutions. Usually ive just had latency at the MIDI>Instrument>Audio stage, which you can get rid off by bouncing, this is so fucking annoying.



No sure what audio interface you have but can you change its ASIO buffer size? Increase it if you can



no interface, just built in audio engine



There is an I/O buffer size option but i already have it set high

OK this is even weirder than I thought. Its not a latency, its the opposite. Somehow that bus goes ahead of the entire rest of the track. It ends up in front of the metronome and drums somehow. I had to put a 0 feedback all wet delay of 70ms on it to get it to line up. No fucking clue why its acting like this but I guess its a glitch and not just pure latency due to processing.

Anyone else ever had anything like that? I can hear the bus start transmitting sound before the first metronome beat when I start it, I guess its making everything else slow somehow?



Thought stuff like this would be handled by internal delay compensation.



Maybe you’re monitoring this new bus directly and the rest is all going through some
other processing like on a master/monitor/print bus? That’s the only logical explanation
that I can think of. Never had an issue like this.



Yeah id think that too cus it’s hitting before the drums bus, which is the only other input to the stereo out, but that bus is on time with the metronome whereas this lead bus is before the entire rest of the DAW, metronome included for some reason.

Like I said, having to manually delay it with an insert to line it up with the metronome. Never seen the like lol. It’s like the system wide delay compensation is no longer applied to just these tracks when I route them to a bus



Does anyone here use Reason? i think iirc @Samuel_L_Damnson does?
Just want to know how much it has changed since 3 and if it is still user friendly.
Also what are the pros and cons compared to Logic or Ableton

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